Yorgum provides a nurturing place and an environment which promotes the cultural strength of the Aboriginal people of Australia and their families through a healing process that supports their spiritual, physical, intellectual and emotional wellbeing.

Yorgum aims to maintain and provide a high-quality counselling service to all Aboriginal people; provide a holistic response to family violence and sexual abuse in counselling and community development; identify and apply counselling processes which embrace and acknowledge cultural diversity, values, beliefs, knowledge and skills; provide the opportunity for staff and management to access development programs which include ongoing training, education, debriefing and support; support staff to develop programs to deliver to Aboriginal men, women and children; work towards positive outcomes for Aboriginal people (particularly children) who have been affected by family and sexual abuse and; provide a Link-Up service to the metropolitan region and the Murchison, Goldfields, South East, Wheatbelt and Pilbara regions.




East Perth, Western Australia