All registers

An integrated suite of registers for managing safety, quality, and risk.


LogiqcQMS includes a suite of registers to help you to build effective and sustainable governance across your organisation, and dashboards to bring it all together.

Risk register

Stay on top of critical risks with reports showing risks, controls and related adverse events. Proven in the field to meet ISO 9001 and ISO 31000 requirements.

Risk Register

Accreditation register

Manage compliance against multiple standards and reduce the time required to prepare for audits. No one likes surprises on audit day. With the LogiqcQMS, you get visibility of exactly where you comply and where you need to implement to improve. You can even provide your auditor with online access to an evidence report.

Accreditation Register

Documents register

Manage version control and ensure staff have access to the latest approved versions of policies, procedures and forms. Get automatic reminders to review and update documents.

Documents Register

Contracts register

Make sure all your legal contractual risk is managed from one place. Assign accountabilities for managing contracts and get reminders for deadlines and associated compliance requirements.

Suppliers register

Create a controlled list of approved suppliers with auto-reminders for performance reviews. Add supplier performance notes on the fly and save time.

Assets Register

Manage all your approved assets and track the associated compliance tasks. The Assets register provides a 360-degree view of related maintenance, documentation, faults, suppliers and more.


The LogiqcQMS suite of management registers help to make complex tasks simpler by allocating accountability for what needs to be done.

Audit register

Monitor the performance of critical systems and processes. Define and manage the audit program across all facets of your business. Maintain visibility of what's coming up, audits in progress, and what's overdue, Create related improvement suggestions.

Compliance register

Ensure critical activities are undertaken to meet compliance obligations. Schedule critical compliance tasks across all facets of your business. Maintain visibility of what's coming up, tasks in progress, and what's overdue.

Licensing register

Ensure staff maintain the required competencies to perform their role. Schedule credential check dates for staff and contractors. Create a schedule of checks for staff to ensure the required credentials are maintained

Maintenance Register

Register of the predictive maintenance across all business areas. Track and report on upcoming or overdue maintenance tasks and manage the accesses and workflows related to each task.


The LogiqcQMS suite of Reporting registers help to create an environment where individuals feel free to report errors and make suggestions for improvement which help the organisation learn from adverse events and near misses.

Incidents register

Ensure adverse events are reported and managed in accordance with operational policy.

Incidents Register

Improvement register

Track non-conformances and support continual and evidence-based improvement in service delivery

Feedback register

Ensure customer/client feedback and complaints are reported and managed effectively in accordance with operational requirements


Ensure issues with plant and equipment is reported and managed