All registers

An integrated suite of registers for managing quality, safety and risk

Risk register

Monitor the organisation’s exposure to identified risks and delegate and track mitigate strategies.

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Accreditation Register

Prepare the organisation for accreditation reviews.

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Document Register

Ensure staff have access to the latest approved versions of policies, procedures, and other documentation.

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Contracts register

Manage contracts and associated compliance requirements.

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Suppliers register

Ensure suppliers are providing the highest quality services.

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Audit Register

Monitor the performance of critical systems and processes.

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Compliance Register

Ensure critical activities are undertaken to meet compliance obligations.

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Licensing Register

Ensure staff, supplier and contractor credentials are checked as required.

Training register

Ensure staff maintain the required competencies to perform their role.

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Improvement register

Track non-conformances and support continual and evidence-based improvement in all aspects of the organisation’s activities.

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Incidents register

Ensure adverse events are reported and managed effectively in accordance with operational and statutory requirements.

Feedback register

Ensure customer/client feedback and complaints are reported and managed effectively in accordance with operational and regulatory requirements.

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Repairs register

Ensure plant and equipment malfunction is reported and managed

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