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Customer Spotlight: Connect You Too

Connect You Too is a community service assisting those independently living at home by providing quality, safe and reliable community transport options and meals for frail, aged, disabled or vulnerable people in the Clarence Valley region.

We spoke to General Manager Kerry Little and Corporate Services Manager Desley Tyler to hear how LogiqcQMS supports the organisation’s operations and continuous improvement journey.

How has your LogiqcQMS expanded in scope over the past 7 years?

Desley: When we first implemented the LogiqcQMS, I was the only one using the platform and it has been challenging to encourage uptake across the organisation. But since Kerry joined a year ago, it’s now being utilised more and more every day. We launched with the basic registers like Documents and Feedback but have since added the Risk Register, as well as the NDIS and Aged Care standards to the Accreditation register. When we went through our ISO9001 accreditation, LogiqcQMS got us through. The auditors were so impressed with being able to go to one spot and find everything they needed.

Kerry: In the past 12 months we have had our Food Safety, ISO9001 and Bus Operations accreditation. The three auditors have all commented on the benefits of the Logiqc system, our record-keeping, the Risk and Feedback registers – all evidence to show that we have assessed risk, responded to feedback and added to our audit schedule. We can also see how it enables us to take action and show staff that we’ve made continuous improvements. This can sometimes be difficult to show, but with LogiqcQMS, our staff can see the ongoing records and understand why and how we’ve made changes.

Desley: It’s also taken many years to get people to save documents to LogiqcQMS instead of their desktop, but we’re getting there!

Kerry: We’ve just been through a rebrand in the last six months, so it’s really helpful to have LogiqcQMS as a single source of truth for brand-related documents and version control. The other benefit I see is record management and the search function. It’s made my job a lot easier.

“When we went through our ISO9001 accreditation, LogiqcQMS got us through. The auditors were so impressed with being able to go to one spot and find everything they needed.”

Desley Tyler, Corporate Services Manager at Connect You Too

What have been the benefits of implementing the QMS, in terms of supporting the operations of the service? 

Kerry: Transport is actually fairly complicated. It’s not just booking a trip, it’s about compliance and regulations. And because we operate vehicles, there’s a huge amount of compliance checks. All of those records can be stored within LogiqcQMS, and the monthly and six-monthly checks can be tasked to ensure nothing is missed. It’s incredibly important that these checks are done on time because we have so many requirements, but if they’re not, we can see that and take action. We would like to look into the Assets and Maintenance registers more to see how they could enhance our current processes.

The training registers are a big benefit as well, as we have a lot of mandatory training. LogiqcQMS reminds us of upcoming training so that we can communicate to staff that their First Aid training is due, and you can’t work with us unless you have that. For me, it’s not so much about operations but I find it hugely valuable to be able to generate reports from the registers for my Board reports.

What value does your organisation gain from receiving Logiqc’s Health Check reports? 

Kerry: Desley and I use Logiqc’s Health Check reports every six months to do an audit on our system. We go through the details of the report, see what we’ve done compared to the last report, what the recommendations are, and then we add it as an improvement or not.

Desley: The reports have revealed that more staff training on LogiqcQMS is required, and that’s been targeted.

Kerry: We need to improve staff knowledge and understanding of the system and its purpose. The Health Check reports have also identified a need to increase our record-keeping and what we have stored within the system.

Anything else you would like to add?

Kerry: We always try to think of how we can use LogiqcQMS within our service and make it work better for us. It’s quite an intuitive system, so there are lots of ways we can use it to fit our service, which is great.