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LOGIQC QMS Health Check: Get more out of your QMS

Use evaluation to drive improvement and focus on what really matters

The LOGIQC QMS Health Check is a 5 page report with high-level statistical data and charts, providing you with decision useful information about how your system is being used. It shows the strengths and weaknesses in your QMS and includes recommendations for improvement.

WHY – Maximise value
  • Focus on what really matters
  • Measure performance
  • Leverage more from your system
HOW – Strengthen your QMS
  • Use the performance data to incentivise your workforce
  • Use the recommendations to drive improvement
  • Use the full capability of your system
WHAT – Measure effectiveness
  • Receive performance data on your QMS
  • Understand where your system could be strengthened
  • Understand what more you can do with your system

Order a LOGIQC QMS Health Check:
$285 per report on request
$400 for two reports per year

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