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More than software: Building customer loyalty through support services

If you’ve stuck with us over the past few months, we’ve been exploring the many moving parts involved in creating a minimum lovable product. The key takeaway from this blog series is that creating a minimum lovable product goes beyond software design and the platform itself. It’s also about your experience when you interact with any platform and the company’s support services and resources.  

To give an example of this, let’s delve a little deeper into our own journey in building LogiqcQMS. LogiqcQMS has many of the features you need for managing quality, safety and risk, but we have always been more than just a software provider. In fact, when we started the company in 2006, we weren’t software providers at all. We were management consultants with a deep belief and passion for systems and the role they can play in enabling a culture of improvement. 

We worked with our clients one-by-one to build systems, which at the time meant many spreadsheets for deadlines and accountabilities. These worked well initially but eventually fell victim to the exigencies of day-to-day imperatives, joining the digital graveyard for project management and task tracking tools.  

This is where the idea for LogiqcQMS was born – to transform the way organisations think about quality management. We were driven to bring order, rigour, and simplicity to the space, and to remove the pain points. We had a hunch that technology, when embedded into an organisation, could create an environment where everyone and everything works together with greater clarity and visibility. More than 10,000 licensed users later, we must have been on to something! 

But what has endured over this time is the belief that software alone can’t do all of the heavy lifting. Technology is just one piece of the puzzle. It must fit within another piece – an effective governance framework, driven by strong leadership and an empowered workforce committed to continuous improvement. This is why we’ve created a suite of support services for every step of your journey towards implementing and embedding your QMS at an enterprise level across your organisation.  

These services continue to evolve but this is what they look like right now, based on our learnings over the past 15 years: 

  1. Build – We help you build your QMS in line with standards and compliance requirements relevant to your industry sector by providing resources, guides and examples. 
  1. Assist – To help you remain ‘audit-ready’ 24/7, our qualified auditors can work in your QMS to conduct a gap analysis against relevant standards and build a quality action plan. 
  1. Health check – We can provide a regular ‘health check’ to ensure your QMS is operating at full potential by analysing the effectiveness of your QMS and staff engagement with the system. 
  1. QMS procedures – We can provide a suite of procedure templates documenting the critical processes of the quality management system, so there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. We can also supply a suite of procedures specifically designed to meet the documentation requirements of ISO 9001.  
  1. Customer portal – This free service is a shared online hub where we work with you to build a dynamic online implementation plan using the Monday.com project management tool.  
  1. Coming soo– In July 2021, we will launch the LogiqcQMS Academy, an online learning management system packed full of video-based courses for all levels. The Academy is free to all users, providing self-paced and on-demand learning to set you up for success. 

If you have ideas on how we can better support you or want to know more about whether LogiqcQMS is the right solution for your business, let’s start a conversation.