Train The Trainer workshops for LOGIQC QMS

LOGIQC has developed a new set of training workshops for managers who have specific portfolio responsibilities, e.g. HR management, contract management. Managing these portfolios sometimes requires the architecture of the LOGIQC QMS to be designed to support integration across the QMS registers. These workshops will focus on how to create these linkages.

To date, workshops have been developed for managers with the following portfolio responsibilities:

  • HR Manager
  • Contract Manager
  • Quality Manager
  • Risk Manager
  • Work Health and Safety Officer

Each workshop will focus on how to:

  • design the system menu options to accommodate specific portfolio responsibilities
  • schedule tasks relevant to the portfolio area
  • support delegations through task management
  • create linkages between registers to support integration between related processes e.g. employee contracts and staff performance reviews
  • access resources detailing the range of evidence that may be required by external auditors that are applicable to the portfolio area
  • use the risk module to track the organisation’s exposure to risk in each portfolio area

As part of the training we will also introduce you to the resources we have developed to support the build of your QMS for these portfolio areas.