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2018 wrap-up: Focus on customer experience

In 2018, to enhance your experience of the LOGIQC platform, a range of new features and support services were developed, including:

Enhanced Accreditation Module

An enhanced version of the Accreditation Module was released that enabled the QMS to manage a wide range of health and related standards. Currently the enhanced version of the Accreditation Module accommodates 31 standards and we are committed to extending the Module to include new Standards, as they are required.

To support the external audit process, we introduced a free login account for the external auditor / assessor and can provide online training for the auditor/assessor at a time of their convenience, at no charge.

If you are working towards an external audit in 2019, please contact us as we are keen to help you to setup your LOGIQC QMS so that it does the ‘heavy lifting’ in preparing your organisation for the audit.

We would value your feedback or questions on the new Accreditation Module here.

Resources to support the build of your QMS

To support our clients to build their QMS to meet the requirements of standards, we have developed a range of resources that provides you with information on what needs to be added or tasked within the system. For example, what documents need to be added to the Document Register, what audits need to be scheduled.

These resources can be used to support an internal gap analysis prior to the external audit to identify what needs to be added to your system.

To view a full list of the resources we have developed to support the implementation of standards click here.

Improved QMS Health Check Reports

Is your QMS working effectively? Does your organisation have a strong reporting culture? Are you maximising the features of the LOGIQC QMS to support delegation across the staff team? These are some of the dimensions the Health Check will use to measure the strength of your LOGIQC QMS.

The QMS Health Check is also designed to provide top management with a report on the effectiveness of the QMS and how it can be strengthen.

Contact us here to request further information on conducting a Health Check on your QMS.

Improved Risk Module

With the release of NSQHS 2, we have reviewed the resources we developed to support the build of the Risk Module, and with the input of clinicians, have drafted a range of risks specific to the requirements of NSQHS 2. Each risk is fully described in terms of potential consequences and contributing factors that could lead to the risk occurring. The description of the risk also includes examples of the controls that standards generally recommend to manage or mitigate the risk.

To support our New Zealand clients, we have revised our example risks to ensure they fit with the NZ healthcare context.

If you have the Risk Module and previously purchased these resources, please advise and we’ll send to you an updated version.

If you are interested in extending your LOGIQC QMS to include the Risk Module, please contact us for a demonstration.

Additional Standards included in the Accreditation Module

This year we have included many standards relevant to different sectors such as Homelessness and Disabilities and Aged Care. The Accreditation Module now includes 31 Standards and we are committed to extending the Accreditation Module to include new standards as they are required. Click here to see the full list of standards included in the Accreditation Module.

Strengthened build support

To help you to implement and optimise your LOGIQC QMS we now provide ‘build’ support services such as uploading documents to the Document Register or support to map and build your entire system.

We can also help you to prepare for external audits by conducting an online gap analysis with recommendations of how your system can be strengthened to meet the requirements of the standard. Based on client feedback, these services can be extremely valuable to help you to prepare for accreditation and reduce the chance of a ‘surprise’ on the day of the audit. If you would like further information on how we can help click here and we will be in touch.