Auckland City Surgical Services: managing risk and incidents in health & safety

Auckland City Surgical Services (ACSS) is a day-stay facility, offering a range of surgical services and post-operative care, including general gynaecology, skin cancer, plastic and cosmetic surgery, and fertility.

We recently spoke with Bonnie Buchan, who looks after infection control and health and safety at ACSS, to learn more about how the organisation is embedding LogiqcQMS to build a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

I love it when someone puts an incident up because it won’t get lost until it’s dealt with. It’s a protection for the business financially too, it allows people to say that “we did the right thing”, or “we could have done things differently and this is how”. It makes us more conscientious of things that are happening within the organisation. 

Bonnie Buchan, ACSS

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