General Practice

Managing growth in New Zealand general practice

Located in Albany, on the North Shore of Auckland, New Zealand, Apollo Medical is a primary healthcare provider with 16 doctors and a focus on quality improvement. General Manager Mary Baldwin has been with Apollo Medical since 2010.

Apollo Medical Centre

Why choose LogiqcQMS?

We are one of the larger practices in New Zealand and at a certain size you have to have systems or it all falls apart—as you get bigger, you can’t rely on relationships. Our dissatisfaction with our old system of folders and shared drives was growing and there was mounting confusion. LogiqcQMS solved a lot of problems for us.

We had seen LogiqcQMS used for managing documents, and that became our first goal, followed by managing policies, procedures and guidelines. Document control was a good start.

Around the same time, our PHO, the primary health organisation we belong to held workshops on what LogiqcQMS could do. We saw that it could do a lot more; for example, manage the complaints process, in a more effective and efficient way. So away we went.

We’ve been live with LogiqcQMS since 2017. We also use it for our HR management system.

Implementing LogiqcQMS

We learnt that each person that uses the system has to do a lot of work, but it’s well worth the effort. Our administrator loaded the data initially, but that person was not a user. So management still had to do the work to understand what we were going to use it for. Like any system, you have to get to grips with it yourself; the user has to use it to make it work.

And you get the reward you put into it. It works very smoothly. Communication between colleagues is really smooth and much quicker. Each person just does their bit. It saves a lot of time.

Organised processes are the main benefit

Our management processes are now organised. When one person leaves and a person joins the management team, it’s easier for them to pick it up, rather than starting from scratch. Our process for managing policies, procedures, and guidelines is seamless now and administration of the system is really easy.

With the dashboard, I can see what work I need to get done for the next week. It’s very organised.

Tracing improvements back to incidents and complaints

It’s now easier to connect improvements to the primary incident or complaint that sparked them, which is also good for demonstrating responsiveness. For accreditation, it shows the good work that we do and why we did certain things. And having it all linked is an impressive way of demonstrating our processes.

Accreditation is easier

We are accredited with the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners. Up until 2018, we were also required to be accredited to the College of Urgent Care. We used LogiqcQMS to manage both accreditation processes.

We had always achieved accreditation but with LogiqcQMS the audit is easier. The evidence is all there for our auditors to see—we don’t have to hunt for it. And they understand in a very positive way what we’re doing.

Great support

The LogiqcQMS team are very good with help, very tolerant of our frequent questions. They resolve problems really quickly online and, if we need it, on the phone.

I would highly recommend LogiqcQMS.