Stronger governance for New Zealand eye care facility

Auckland Eye is New Zealand’s largest ophthalmic group, offering eye treatments such as laser vision correction, cataract surgery, glaucoma, eyelid surgery, paediatrics and retinal surgery. It also owns and operates Oasis Surgical, Auckland’s premier eye surgery facility.    
Auckland Eye is a Quality Health New Zealand-accredited facility and is the only procedure and consulting group in Auckland accredited by the DAA Group for quality of patient care.

  • Vision: Auckland Eye are Aotearoa New Zealand’s most trusted eye experts
  • Using LOGIQC since 2017
Logiqc QMS is a robust quality system that helps us meet our legislative requirements. It also helps from a governance and risk management perspective.
Deb Boyd
CEO at Auckland Eye

CEO Deb Boyd is a self-confessed lover of technology. She is also on the board of Health Informatics New Zealand (HiNZ).

From a paper-based quality management system
When I joined Auckland Eye at the end of 2015, we had a paper-based quality management system that was difficult to stay on top of. To meet the requirements of our funders and New Zealand legislation, it’s important that we have good systems in place. We needed a system that that would give us good information across the business.

Why choose Logiqc QMS?  
I had used some other systems in the past in Australia. In the New Zealand context, I was impressed by Logiqc QMS . It has so many good features, data entry is easy, and it’s quite logical.  

Implementing Logiqc QMS
The Logiqc team are very good at articulating the different ways the product can be used by companies, and helping people understand its capacity. The product is quite customisable and they took the time to understand our business requirements, and provided training sessions. Go live was pretty easy.    

The training is very good and the support is excellent. They’re very responsive to requests and issues.   In 2019, we moved to the latest version of the Logiqc QMS platform and it was a very easy transition. I’m working with the team at the moment on KPI reporting tools.

Better visibility, better governance  
I now have better visibility of any issues going on around the business. With all the information in one place, I can see if there’s anything I need to be concerned about or anything I want to change.    
Logiqc QMS is a robust quality system that helps us meet our legislative requirements. But it also helps from a governance perspective because all risk management information is easily available. It works really well.

Accreditation is a breeze  
We are accredited to EQuIP6 and NZ day-stay surgery standards. We engage an external accreditation auditor, DAA Group, who are approved by the New Zealand Ministry of Health. We are fortunate we have 4-yearly accreditation, but DAA review us every 2 years.    
I love the Logiqc QMS Accreditation Module—it’s just so easy. I’d done an accreditation audit before and it was quite laborious, but now it’s a breeze. We just give the auditors a login to Logiqc QMS and they can go in and see all the evidence.

Influencing the product  
It’s nice to be working with a company that’s continuing to grow their product. Every time we catch up, the Directors are interested in how we’re using it and how our users think it can be improved. They’re interested in getting the feedback and in investing in the product, and they’ve certainly demonstrated that they do that.