Business Consultancy

Taking the anxiety out of quality management for small- and medium-sized businesses

Established in 2019 as “a general management team for hire”, Hobart-based Honestally Pty Ltd offers business consultancy services for small-to-medium-sized businesses and not-for-profit organisations. 

Managing Director and Principal Consultant Darcy Inglis—2018 AAPM National Australian Practice Manager of the Year—has helped several businesses implement quality management systems, including LogiqcQMS

Why LogiqcQMS?

A lot of businesses in the healthcare, aged-care and disability services sectors have robust quality accreditation processes to go through, which is usually tied to their licence to operate or a major source of funding. For them, accreditation is a high pressure, high stress and onerous process that can be overwhelming, especially when overlaid on their day-to-day workload.

We help organisations to navigate the process and supplement their teams to relieve the burden. We help them introduce a quality management system not just for the purposes of working towards a stellar accreditation result—it actually makes the business easier to run and manage. 

We always insist on a software solution and LogiqcQMS is often a good fit. When managed well, LogiqcQMS sets a business up to be continuously ready for a drop-in audit 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We don’t exclusively use LogiqcQMS. We are careful to ensure we are impartial and work in the best interests of the client, so we individually assess every project and every client and usually offer a number of solutions. We have to understand the workings of the business, and what systems and documents they already have in place that we can make best use of. 

We often find LogiqcQMS to be an excellent choice for healthcare businesses but we’ve also used or recommended it for use in veterinary services, disability and community services and the aged-care sector. I’m always happy to recommend Logiqc because we’ve had really positive client feedback and consistently outstanding experiences doing business with the whole Logiqc team.  

Business benefits and peace of mind

A quality management system is not an expense; it’s an investment.

The LogiqcQMS pricing model is based on the size of the organisation and that’s great because some great vendors are not affordable for small- and medium-sized businesses. Being modular and priced based on the number of users makes it achievable. You can have a hospital-grade management system even though you might be a sole practitioner. LogiqcQMS will grow with you. 

For a reasonably modest investment, the ROI is going to save your staff time in the long run for audits; it will also make your business safer and bring a level of professionalism. Clients often give us the feedback that, ‘We didn’t know we needed it but now we couldn’t live without it’. 

People may not fully realise the benefits a quality management system can bring. For staff, it saves a huge amount of time. For the business, it becomes safer and more streamlined. And for the board, the dividend for them is peace of mind—there is real value in going to sleep at night knowing you will be notified in real time of any key risks that you are potentially liable for. 

With LogiqcQMS, you get much more than software 

The biggest selling point is that with Logiqc you’re not just buying an off-the-shelf software package— you’re also buying relationships with experts, training, resources, support, and highly refined systems and processes, which is virtually as valuable as the product itself. 

It’s not, ‘Here’s the software and good luck with it’. It’s, ‘Let us train you in quality, let us see what resources we can give you, let us help to ensure you have quality and safety embedded in your culture’. 

The system is predictable, reliable and you can benefit from the years of experience and refinement of both the product and the services. 

Darcy Inglis, Honestally Managing Director stands with arms crossed in a commercial kitchen. Two of his colleagues are talking to each other in the background.
Darcy Inglis, Managing Director, Honestally Pty Ltd

Implementing LogiqcQMS to future-proof your business

We configure LogiqcQMS on a case-by-case basis, so our clients get a bespoke solution. The trade-off is time and effort in what we call the ‘discovery’– getting to know how the business works and configuring it to the business. Implementation should not be underestimated. It’s not difficult—you don’t need to be an expert—but it’s time-consuming. 

I would say, embrace the process—it’s enjoyable and interesting and you’ll learn a lot—but don’t take shortcuts and that work will pay dividends at your next audit or accreditation. And after your first audit, every one after that should be significantly easier because of the time invested up front. It’s an investment in future-proofing the business and in saving time down the track.

A better experience for users

In a previous career, I had worked with Logiqc as a medical practice manager and as a day hospital general manager, so I was familiar with the product when I started the consultancy. But the Logiqc that I knew back in 2015–2016 is a completely different version to what it is now. The development they’ve put in is amazing. It had all the right components to start with, but they’ve spent the last few years honing the user experience. 

For those who may have looked at it before, it’s a different beast now—it’s really user friendly and it looks great. Our clients are really impressed, and once trained they find it easy to use.

Saving time means less consulting fees

As a Logiqc partner, we can be available on the ground; we can supplement their training; we can rewrite or create new policies; we can provide governance training. We feel like we’re part of the Logiqc family, sharing resources, training and the project experience. 

The Logiqc team always follows through and they have never let us down. You know you’re in safe hands.

For me, LogiqcQMS is a really consistent experience so it makes my job easier. The consulting fees for the client are less because we get through the project quicker. And over time we can confidently scale down the support because we know the client has a QMS in place. We know we’ve left them in a more sustainable place than when we started.