Latest Features and Updates

The good humans at Logiqc are constantly implementing fixes and improvements to make sure we can address your organisation's need and have the software work around you, not the other way around.

December 2021

Property Management for Assets Register

Managing properties comes with very specific requirements so, if your list of assets includes property assets and accommodation bookings, this add-on to the Assets Register is for you! It includes specialised property-related fields on the Assets Details Form, a property booking component for allocating the tenants to a specific property and setting arrival and departure times and a Property Report showing all properties and related bookings

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November - December 2021
  • Enhanced asset allocation

    Supports the allocation of assets to staff or external contractors and allows for tracking and documentation of the terms of use.

  • NDIS Practice Standard 2021 v4

    Additional forms and data have been added to support evidence to be recorded against the latest version of the NDIS Practice Standard. In particular, evidence reports are now available for Emergency and Disaster Management, Mealtime Management, and Severe Dysphagia Management.

  • New field: Injury Mechanism

    In line with best practice and Australian workplace safety management guidelines, this new field provides an easy and quick way of describing the cause of an injury

November 2021

Contracts Task Tracker

The task tracker feature for the Contracts register allows you to quickly see all related compliance tasks, including training and licensing, in new tabs on the contract details page. No more navigating around the platform to check other registers, it’s all available to you in one single place.

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October 2021
  • Enhanced analytics

    Accessible and decision-useful data delivered in real-time help you see emerging trends and optimise your capability to take corrective action and implement improvement. More filters have been added to the Analytics page, allowing you to create new trend reports for incidents and feedback with greater clarity and detail. You can now generate specific reports on a range of new attributes including the source of the feedback, incident type and feedback type.

  • Ngā Paerewa Health and Disability Services Standard

    On 28 February 2022, the updated Ngā Paerewa Health and Disability Services Standard NZS 8134:2021 will come into effect. LogiqcQMS has now been updated to help you to generate evidence reports that demonstrate how you comply with this standard.

  • Upgrade for Human Services Quality Framework

    To help you through your compliance and accreditation journey, we have added additional forms and data to support evidence to be recorded against the latest version of the standard.

September 2021

User configurable dashboards

No longer do you need to trawl through spreadsheets to unearth useful insights. Our latest features allow users to customise their LogiqcQMS dashboards to save time, visualise and analyse data, and make more informed decisions: Select your own widgets with the new ‘Edit widget’ button that allows users to control their own experience; drag and drop the widgets you need to the desired location; ‘Blackboard’, a blank canvas allowing users to build one-off reports for presentations to key stakeholders.

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August 2021
  • Victorian Child Safe Standards

    We have updated the Accreditation register to accommodate the Victorian Child Safe Standards, so you can now build, track and report on your compliance with these standards.

  • Pre contract workflow

    Contract workflow builder

    Build your own workflow sequence for contract review, management and approval. Customise the name of each workflow stage and pre-populate standard instructions fields for each stage in the workflow. This gives you greater control over the contract management process and saves time when contracts come up for review.

July 2021

Assets and Maintenance Register

These two registers will enable you to integrate asset management and maintenance with your existing registers such as the Repairs, Incidents, Contracts, Suppliers and Documents registers, providing an opportunity to significantly boost your ROI from LogiqcQMS. Imagine a 360-degree view of your assets and equipment showing related planned maintenance, documentation, faults, suppliers, and customer complaints.

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April - June 2021
  • Bulk Edit

    With the bulk edit feature, user can select 10, 20, 50 or hundreds of documents at a time and make changes to a variety of fields in a single action.

  • File Links

    When adding a document, contract, or record to your system, users can choose to upload a file or input a hyperlink. LogiqcQMS supports https (web) and Sharepoint addresses, opening up a whole host of new possibilities for interconnectivity.

  • New Floating Action Button for Mobile

    The new FAB for mobile presents all the options that your permission level allows for adding items to the system, with just one click.

March 2021

Business rules Builder

With this feature, users can program how fields are populated based on user selections. So, your LogiqcQMS can now follow your organisation’s business rules and ensure reported events (Incidents, Feedback, Improvements or Repairs) are assigned to the right person, every time. This makes it much easier and quicker for staff to report, helping to build a stronger reporting culture.

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Features and Updates released earlier in 2021

Controlled Actions

Ensure adverse events are managed in accordance with your organisation's policy and procedures. Pre-programed action ‘sequences’ can be setup that enable managers to select when responding to an incident, complaint, repair/maintenance request or non-conformance.

User Generated ID number

You may have implemented LogiqcQMS but wanted to maintain your own numbering system for documents, contracts and records. This new feature allows you to replace the system-generated ID numbers with your own numbering system.  

SSO for Azure

Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication scheme that allows a user to log in with a single ID and password to all the software programs you have linked to your Active Directory. Now you can establish SSO for LogiqcQMS users.

Manage your Notifications

We get it, too many notifications can be annoying and disruptive. With this new control, you can deliver all overdue task reminders in a single email and choose when and how often you are notified.

Safety dashboard

Empower managers to monitor and analyse health and safety issues with this new optional Safety Dashboard.

Quality Dashboard

Monitor compliance with standards in a 'snap'. Also at your fingertips is information about audits, improvement, non-conformance and corrective actions

Risk Dashboard

Empower managers to strengthen risk based thinking with a powerful set widgets to monitor and analyse risk

Integrated audit and improvement

This powerful new feature in the Audit registers automatically populates the Improvement register with audit recommendations when the audit is completed.

LogiqcQMS Learning Academy

The LogiqcQMS Academy has a variety of self-paced video-based courses designed to help you get the most from the platform.