Our story

Managing quality, compliance and risk is a complex, constantly evolving challenge, comprising many moving parts. Those tasked with it are typically time-poor and under-resourced. More often than not, it’s maintained via an unreliable mish-mash of spreadsheets and paper systems that have no place in today's increasingly 'digital' workplace. And yet, quality, compliance and risk are arguably some of the most critical functions of every organisation. Reputations rely on it. So too do the outcomes for our clients.

Logiqc was born out of a desire to transform the way organisations think about quality management. We are driven to bring order, rigour, and simplicity to the space and to remove the pain points, and replace them with ease, efficiency and clarity. We strive to create an environment where everyone and everything works together, in synchronicity.

But we are not just in game to make people more productive, or their jobs easier (although that is part of what we do). What matters most to us is the big picture. Because we believe that, when it’s done right, managing quality, compliance and risk can become a powerful force for good.

That’s why we consider ourselves so much more than a software platform. We don’t just implement systems then walk away. We empower our customers to create a culture of continuous learning, so that they can improve and grow.

We are good humans with deep expertise – who employ design thinking with a focus on customer success – to inspire business transformation.