Technical stuff

Secure Cloud hosting backed by Microsoft Azure

LogiqcQMS is a ASP.NET cloud based platform written in C#, with a SQL Server Database. The web interface is Vue.js. The platform is owned and designed by Logiqc Pty Ltd and we partner with leading providers to develop and deploy the system as a Software As A Service (SaaS). The subscription fee includes nightly backup, database maintenance and infrastructure licensing, online helpdesk for all users, regular feature updates and bug fixes.

Cloud hosting and development

Logiqc QMS is hosted in the cloud in a Microsoft Azure data centre in Sydney, Australia. This environment is managed by CNS Australia who are certified against the ISO IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Management System standard and have a presence in Australia, UK, New Zealand and the USA.

Dialog Information Technology ( is one of Australia’s leading technology services organisations trading nationally from offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth, Darwin, Adelaide, Hobart, Townsville and Hong Kong. Established in 1979, Dialog is certified against the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems standard and employs over 1,200 information technology specialists. LogiqcQMS’s software development team is part of Icemedia, Dialog’s digital services division.

Logiqc Pty Ltd is certified against the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems standard. Consistent with ISO requirements Logiqc Pty Ltd conducts annual reviews of key suppliers and non- conformity is documented and managed within the company’s quality management system.


LogiqcQMS databases and applications are built with standard language sets and frameworks and are hosted in an Eastern Australian Microsoft Azure service. The build architecture comprises an API layer between the backend SQL database and the front-end Vue.js Progressive JavaScript Framework. While a public API is not available, the platform architecture allows for custom integrations with data visualisation tools and/or other applications to be created and tailored to specific client requirements.

Security and capacity

Server-side we deploy SSL2 encryption and TLS 1.2 and 1.3 technologies. And client side identity management is via our SSO/Azure AD integration. SSL is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral.

The underlying backup technology used for LogiqcQMS systems is the snapshot method. This creates an instantaneous copy of the data that is being backed up. The instantaneous copying is typically accomplished by splitting a mirrored set of disks or by creating a copy of a disk block when it is written. This preserves the original. At restore time, the original is made available immediately and synchronization of the underlying disks occurs in the background. This results in almost instantaneous restore operations.

Nightly snapshot backups are conducted which are then subject to the following retention protocol: 7 Daily and 4 Weekly full backups to disk; Offsite backup replication. In the event of a failure backups can be restored and made available within 1-2 business days. Data log backups are also implemented every 24 hours which can further reduce restore time in certain circumstances.

The number of documents and register items that can be added to the system is unlimited however there is a storage cap of and 10g for the entire dbase which can be reviewed if reached. The IIS service will limit individual document size to 30mb.

RPO <5 minutes. RTO <45 minutes.

System requirements

LogiqcQMS is a hosted service and does not require applications to be installed locally to run. It operates on most internet enabled devices including desktop and laptop computers, tablets and smartphones. For best results a standard ADSL or 4g internet connection is a minimum requirement. LogiqcQMS is compatible with most current version browsers such as:

  • Google Chrome
  • MS Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari

Note, due to Microsoft’s reducing support for the IE 11 browser, IE 11 may not provide an optimal experience when used with the LogiqcQMS and is not recommended.

Infrastructure management

Ticket-based support for all users with a Customer Effort Score (CES) averaging 6.5 out of 7. Infrastructure related events are managed via maintenance and support
agreements with Microsoft Azure and relevant other vendors of critical IT system infrastructure.

Logiqc Pty Ltd works with its technical partners to address business disruptions from the initial disaster response through to the point at which normal business operations are resumed. The primary focus of our business continuity processes is the prompt enabling of contingency procedures at a level sufficient to allow client databases to operate effectively.

CNS has maintenance and support agreements with Microsoft Azure and relevant other vendors of critical IT system infrastructure, including hosts, servers and network components.

Crisis management at the DC level is controlled by DC in accordance with local protocols. Crisis coordination is managed by Logiqc Pty Ltd in conjunction with relevant vendors. User issues are initiated via the Logiqc Help Centre.