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Committed to quality – a story about Eastmed Doctors

Eastmed Doctors is a Cornerstone Accredited General Practice, located within a purpose built modern integrated medical centre at St Heliers in Auckland, New Zealand.

The challenge

Eastmed Doctors needed to ensure their systems were robust and reliable as well as streamlined to minimise the compliance burden. In particular, Eastmed Doctors were looking for ways to help manage general practice accreditation, documents and automatic auditing capabilities.

The solution

Eastmed Doctors chose to implement the LOGIQC Quality Management system to address their need for a consistent database and a recall/reminder system that works automatically in the background and doesn’t rely on the constant attention of staff.

Eastmed Doctors are highly committed to embedding effective quality and management systems into their practice and have gone beyond the standard ProCare/LOGIQC package. Their system is configured for:

  • Document and contract management
  • Contract and compliance management
  • Incident and patient feedback reporting
  • Audit scheduling
  • Equipment repairs and maintenance
  • Accreditation and risk management

They are on their way to achieving their goal – “our patients should benefit through more reliable and consistent services. And our partners should benefit by being able to focus even more on the patients knowing that the back-office is looking after itself.”

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