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New Zealand standards

New Zealand's Health Strategy sets out how the country's healthcare system can enhance the access and experiences of individuals with healthcare services. The goal is to achieve better access, quality, and efficiency of care. Moreover, this will bring collective benefits, as a healthier population benefits everyone.

Standards such as the Ngā Paerewa Health and Disability Services Standard set out the steps providers need to take to ensure they are providing safe, quality services. They also outline what people can expect from the services they receive. Ngā Paerewa reflects the shift towards more person- and whānau-centred health and disability services where people are empowered to make decisions about their own care and support in order to achieve their goals, with a stronger focus on outcomes for people receiving support.

In addition to standards supported through the NZ Government Health Strategy, the  Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners produces the Foundation and Cornerstone standards which provide a framework for General Practice to provide safe, equitable, and high-quality health care for people.

How Logiqc can support organisations to maintain accreditation 

Logiqc goes beyond compliance by providing insights into your organisation's reporting and improvement culture. Logiqc's Accreditation register brings together evidence from across all the platform and makes it easy for auditors to see how you comply with the requirements of almost any standard. While we don't provide or sell standards, the architecture of the platform, along with your own licences copy of the standard, allows you to prepare an 'audit-ready' evidence report.

The platform can be used for accreditation and certification against the following New Zealand standards:

  • Social Sector Accreditation Standards
  • 8134Nga paerewa Health and disability services standard
  • 8164 Day-stay Surgery and Procedures
  • 8165 Rooms/Office-based Surgery and Procedures
  • 8171 Allied Health Services Sector Standards
  • 4187 Reprocessing of reusable medical devices in health service organizations
  • 4801 Occupational health and safety management systems
  • RNZCGP Foundation Standard
  • RNZCUC Urgent Care Standard


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