Orchestrate change

LogiqcQMS is a cloud based software platform for managing quality, safety and risk.

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Whether you're 10 people or 1,000

Manage scale and complexity

LogiqcQMS keeps everyone on track - so you can focus on the big picture. Interactive dashboards help managers to manage and easily track the status of key tasks.

Transparency and accountability

Strengthen governance

Embed your governance framework into day-to-day operations and bring clarity to delegated responsibilities. LogiqcQMS is a single source of truth for key documentation such as policies and procedures and a management system to ensure critical tasks aren't missed and responsibilities are managed.

Continual improvement

Drive quality and safety

Improvement often comes through many small changes. LogiqcQMS enables all staff to suggest improvement in a structured way linked to internal audit, daily activity or adverse events. A Quality Dashboard helps to monitor compliance, track improvement actions, and analyse trends in incidents or customer feedback. LogiqcQMS is a total quality, risk and safety management system allowing you to work from any device anywhere, anytime.

Implement just the controls you need

  • Governance

    Control and manage documents and contracts

    Securely store and version control key documents and contracts. A single source of truth in one place making it easy to find the latest policies and procedures.

    Stay accreditation ready

    Make external audits a breeze. Save time by linking everything in your QMS to demonstrate how you comply with standards.

    Manage operational and strategic risks

    The LogiqcQMS Risk register and Risk Dashboard work together to provide visibility into controls and exposure, all in accordance with the ISO 31000 risk management guidelines.

  • Management

    Manage internal audits and easily generate opportunities for improvement

    Schedule and track internal and external audits for monitoring compliance and performance. Generate improvement actions on the fly from audits to ensure issues are documented and responded to, not just buried in paperwork.

    Track key compliance deadlines and ensure the right people are automatically assigned tasks

    Never miss a critical date. Meet operational deadlines and contractual obligations with time to spare.

  • Reporting

    Strengthen your reporting culture

    Monitor reporting trends in real time direct from your dashboard.

    Manage safety and adverse events

    Improve client safety through simple and fast reporting of incidents, near miss and hazards via desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

    Drive improvement

    Use data from adverse events and near misses to work smarter. Track the outcomes of corrective and preventive actions (CAPA) more easily.

Customised to your industry

Work with experts in the field who 'get' your unique business challenges.

Day Hospitals

More than just software, we bring expertise. Our resources help you configure your system to manage multiple standards and complex regulatory environments such as NSQHS, EQuIP, and ISO 9001.

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Primary health care

LogiqcQMS is well suited to organisations delivering comprehensive primary health and allied health care services. As a quality manager you will benefit from managing multiple standards from a single platform, such as RACGP, ISO 9001, or QIC.

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Community services

Diverse workplaces need cost-effective solutions built for complex environments. Benefit from affordable user licensing options so that part-time and volunteer staff can easily access the tools they need. LogiqcQMS can be configured for a variety of relevant standards such as the Human Services Quality Standards and the National Standards for Mental Health Services.

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Disability Sector

A complex regulatory environment and meeting the compliance requirements of the NDIS Practice Standards has made LogiqcQMS a logical choice for a number of organisations in the disability sector.

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General Practice

GP Practices don't usually have layers of management staff ready to manage back-off compliance and quality. LogiqcQMS works well for small-medium size practices to reduce the time spent preparing for accreditation and managing policies and procedures. Just what you need for Australian or New Zealand standards such as RACGP, Foundation and Cornerstone accreditation.

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Housing and transport

Whether managing hundreds of clients, or just a handful. LogiqcQMS has proven to be an effective platform for ensuring compliance with standards such as NRSCH and various bus operator transport schemes.

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We love it when our clients are happy

Trusted by hundreds of organisations just like yours

CEO Auckland Eye

Deb Boyd

Logiqc QMS is a robust quality system that helps us meet our legislative requirements. It also helps from a governance and risk management perspective.

CEO Regional Housing

Brett Hanna

The introduction of the National Regulatory System for Community Housing (NRSCH) in 2014 was the key driver for us in seeking a quality management system.

Leonie Smit

We recently opened a new dental clinic and it was accredited within 4 weeks; we would normally have given ourselves up to a year to get it done.

Mary Baldwin

“As one of the larger practices in New Zealand, you have to have systems or it all falls apart. LogiqcQMS solved a lot of problems for us."

Marnie Smith

What I love most about LogiqcQMS is the improvement cycle.

Ailsa Lively

As new modules come, we take them on. We grow with the system. As well as making us ‘quality secure’, it makes our job so much easier.

Kerry Fryers

The selling point for us was that there didn’t seem to be any experience that Logiqc QMS couldn’t do, and modifications could be made where needed.

Bodene Dingwall

From version control to incidents and improvements, and accreditation—everything is in one spot and it’s all linked. It’s such a good all-round system.

Leith McMillan

We have implemented LogiqcQMS at more than a dozen private day hospitals and health facilities and it ticks all the boxes.

Sally Sibley

I’ve worked in organisations that had no QMS software, I’ve worked in organisations that had a QMS. LogiqcQMS is the best one that I’ve used.

Headshot of Dr Debbie Blake

Dr Debbie Blake

LogiqcQMS adds tremendous value to our business. I look back now and don’t know how any high quality and regulated business could operate without it.