Manage Safety, Quality and Risk in Healthcare

Strengthen your clinical and corporate governance, delegate what needs to be done, and use real-time data to manage risk, drive improvement, and enable a strong reporting culture.

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Trusted by over 200 healthcare and community organisations across Australia and New Zealand

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No one likes surprises on audit day. With the LogiqcQMS, you get visibility of exactly where you comply and where you need to implement to improve. You can even provide your auditor with online access to an evidence report.

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Risk management

Stay on top of critical risks with reports showing risks, controls and related adverse events. Proven in the field to meet ISO 9001 and ISO 31000 requirements.

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Incident management

Ensure adverse events are reported and managed in accordance with operational policy.

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Document management

Manage version control and ensure staff have access to the latest approved versions of policies, procedures and forms. Get automatic reminders to review and update documents.

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And More!

Discover all of our registers for governance, operational management, and reporting.

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More than Software

  • Core Features

    Global Search

    Global search provides one-click searching across the entire platform making it easy to find what you’re looking for.

    Task Management

    Schedule tasks, track, and collaborate on what needs to be done. Each user gets their own task box and automatic email reminders about what's coming up and what's overdue. Line managers get a dashboard widget with a quick view of their team's tasks


    Generate trend graphs to identify emerging issues and drill down with powerful filters to create your own reports.

  • Dashboards

    Quality Dashboard

    An effective internal audit program gives you confidence that critical processes are being complied with and an opportunity to identify improvements. The audit widgets display the status of your audit program and where improvements could be made while enabling you to drill through to the non-conformances and improvement opportunities that were identified through auditing.

    Safety Dashboard

    Whether working on-site or in the field, employees need an easy way of reporting issues and managers need easy access to good business analytics to oversight the safety of the environment and culture of the workplace. The Safety Dashboard tracks incidents, hazards and near misses and provides metrics on timeliness and related learnings.

    Risk Dashboard

    The Risk Dashboard provides you with the tools and analytics you need to identify potential problems before they occur and ensure a plan is in place for addressing them. It will help ensure that critical risk information is accessible and can be used on a daily basis to inform strategic and operational decisions.


    Build your own dashboard to follow the metrics that matter most to you using the 35+ widgets already available. This special dashboard is a blank canvas, allowing users to build one-off reports for presentations to key stakeholders.

  • Support

    Support Team

    At Logiqc, we are with you all the way. Our support team is always available to make sure your systems are up and running and you have all the information you need to get the best out of your QMS.

    Knowledge Base

    Our online knowledge base is filled with resources and planning tools to support you to implement the QMS across your organisation.

    Logiqc Academy

    Knowing how to use the platform is one thing, but understanding why is the next piece in the puzzle. Our courses are designed to provide context and rationale for implementing a QMS and will explore how to position quality as a strategic driver in your organisation.

All the features you need

Under the hood

Mobile and tablet

Optimised for mobile and tablet for easy reporting on the run or in the field.


Upload and link evidence to support compliance and accreditation.


System generated online agenda for each team showing action items.


Centralised and controlled list of suppliers, partners and contractors.


Export any register to excel for additional reporting or collaboration.

Calendar integration

Integrate your LogiqcQMS meetings with your online calendar.

Whether you're 10 people or 1,000

Manage scale and complexity

LogiqcQMS keeps everyone on track - so you can focus on the big picture. Interactive dashboards help managers to manage and easily track the status of key tasks.

Transparency and accountability

Strengthen clinical governance

Embed your governance framework into day-to-day operations and bring clarity to delegated responsibilities. LogiqcQMS is a single source of truth for key documentation such as policies and procedures and a management system to ensure critical tasks aren't missed and responsibilities are managed.

Continual improvement

Drive quality and safety

Improvement often comes through many small changes. LogiqcQMS enables all staff to suggest improvement in a structured way linked to internal audit, daily activity or adverse events. A Quality Dashboard helps to monitor compliance, track improvement actions, and analyse trends in incidents or customer feedback. LogiqcQMS is a total quality, risk and safety management system allowing you to work from any device anywhere, anytime.

We love it when our clients are happy

Trusted by hundreds of organisations just like yours

Erika Hunt

When you are managing incidents it’s particularly important to have access to vital consolidated data and to identify relevant trends.

Kim Passante Carbal Medical Services

Kim Passante

We added the Risk module about a year ago and review these on a regular basis to decide if any changes are needed. All our incidents then go into LogiqcQMS

Cassie Atchison

We received great feedback from the assessor that he hadn’t seen a QMS like Logiqc being used to its full capacity and working so well.

Bonnie Buchan

I love it when someone puts an incident up because it won’t get lost until it’s dealt with. It’s a protection for the business financially too.

Claire Wimbridge

We use LogiqcQMS predominantly for ISO 9001 accreditation. I don’t think we would have achieved the accreditation if we didn’t have it.

Bernadette Jongbloed

I absolutely love Logiqc, I don’t know what I’d do without it! It really does tick so many boxes.