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Advanced dashboards


Three advanced dashboards for decision-useful insights on safety, quality, and risk. Sold separately, these dedicated dashboards provide invaluable information for management.

  • Quality Dashboard: Deep dive view into your internal audit program, non-conformances and compliance with standards for accreditation. 
  • Safety Dashboard: Track incidents, hazards and near misses and provides metrics on timeliness and related learnings.
  • Risk Dashboard: Decision useful information about risk to help identify potential problems before they occur and ensure a plan is in place for addressing them. 
  • Blackboard: A 'blank canvas' allowing users to build one-off reports for presentations to key stakeholders. Free which any a specialised dashboard.

Quality dashboard

The Quality Dashboard works together with the Audit register, Improvement register, and the Accreditation register to provide a 360-degree view of quality actions, non-conformances, and improvement opportunities across the organisation.

Dedicated widgets for internal audit display the status of your audit program and where improvements could be made.

Each widget enables you to drill-through to the non-conformances and improvement opportunities that were identified through auditing.

Key Benefits:

  • Build a culture of improvement.
  • Visualise analytics on compliance with standards and accreditation readiness.
  • Monitor trends in non-conformances and improvement opportunities.
  • Supports the ISO 9001:2015 Management Review process.

ipad dashboard

Safety dashboard

The Safety Dashboard works together with the Incident register to give you powerful insights into safety management and safety culture across your organisation.

Key Benefits:

  • Strengthen your safety culture.
  • Gain a 360-degree view of safety across your organisation.
  • Track incidents, hazards and near misses.
  • Access analytics on reporting trends and adverse events across the organisation.
Ipad view

Risk dashboard

The Risk Dashboard works together with the Logiqc Risk register to provide a greater insights into risks across the organisation.

In line with ISO 31000 Risk Management Guidelines, the Risk Dashboard tracks incidents, complaints and adverse events to provide integrated business analytics.

Key benefits

  • Strengthen risk-based decision making.
  • Gain greater insight into identified risks across your organisation to inform strategic and operational decisions.
  • Access real-time analytics on critical risk information to embed risk-based thinking.
  • Consistent with the ISO 31000 Risk Management Guidelines.

By taking a proactive approach to risk management, organisations can improve strategy, operations, compliance, and evaluation.

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