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Incident Reporting and Management

Report and manage incidents and adverse events


A good incident reporting process can improve safety and care, change the way staff think about risk, and raise awareness of good practice. 

Logic’s Incident register makes online incident reporting accessible to all staff from any device 24/7 and enable them to identify, report, manage, and learn from incidents with the following benefits:

  • Strengthen the safety culture in your organisation.
  • Ensure the right people are notified every time.
  • Generate and share high-level trend reports. 
  • Ensure data collection compliance with legislation and standards
  • Implement your safety management framework by utilising programmable workflows and incident coding.


Incident Reporting made easy

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Incident Register Features

Each of these features are included as standard.

Simple online incident reporting

We understand incidents can happen anywhere and at any time which is why Logiqc enables you to report from any device (desktop, tablet, mobile) and any location. This means staff can report incidents as they happen, no matter where they are

Immediate notifications and task reminders

Stay informed with immediate email notifications that will keep you in the loop when critical events occur. Plus, never miss a beat with our helpful reminders for overdue tasks that will keep you on track. 

Delegate and track actions for incident response.

Assign actions to manage and investigate the incident and use access controls to ensure only those teams or individuals who need to know can access can view incident reports.

Standardised incident response protocols

Use the Controlled actions add-on to program pre-set steps and actions that can be quickly applied and delegated when managing the incident.  

Support a learning culture

Conduct root cause analysis and generate corrective actions at any stage while reporting or managing the incident.

Track status and action taken

Easily search and filter all incidents and generate exportable reports on action taken.  

Feedback to incident reporter

Optional field allows people managing or closing the incident to send a message back to the reporter to let them know the issue was handled.

Dashboard widget

The Incident register includes a dynamic dashboard widget that provides an instant 12 month trend graph of all incidents.

Key feature

Business rules

Configurable business rules ensure reported events are assigned to the right person, every time. 

Business rules simplify reporting by auto-populating up to six mandatory fields based on the user's selections. 

By programming conditional logic, fields can be automatically populated based on the description provided when adding items to the Feedback, Incidents, Improvement, and Repairs registers.

Business Rules gives you more control, adds built-in intelligence to how events are coded, ensures events are managed as per the organisation's policy, and reduces the risk of critical issues being overlooked.

Key feature

Incident Response Protocols

Ensure adverse events are managed in accordance with your organisation's policy and procedures.

Pre-programed incident response protocols can be configured with multiple actions that enable managers to specify what needs to be done with a single click.  

Each action can be treated independently with its own timeline and action officer. Date rules can be pre-set to ensure critical timeframes are followed eg ''finalise investigation within 2 days of the date the incident occurred'. 

Includes a dashboard widget for monitoring the status of actions that are open.

Controlled actions

Safety dashboard

Whether working on-site or in the field, employees need an easy way of reporting issues and managers need easy access to good business analytics to oversight the safety of the environment and culture of the workplace. The Safety Dashboard tracks incidents, hazards and near misses and provides metrics on timeliness and related learnings.

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Safety dashboard

VHIMS integration

Provide a centralised and consistent incident reporting experience for all users with the option to automatically report incidents via API into the Victorian Government Health Information Management System. 

  • Developed in collaboration with the Victorian Agency for Health Information.

  • Conforms to the VHIMS Minimum Data Set.

  • Uses the VHIMS CS Information Management System Applied Programming Interface so users do not interface with the VHIMS online Central Solution.

  • Selective, user-driven data transfer which means that incidents not ‘in-scope’ of departmental requirements do not need to be uploaded.

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How Logiqc has simplified incident reporting, response, and management.

Click on one of the customer stories below to discover how Logiqc has been implemented in health and community services organisations.

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"I love it when someone puts an incident up because it won’t get lost until it’s dealt with. It’s a protection for the business financially too."

Bonnie Buchan - Infection Control and Health and Safety at Auckland City Surgical Services

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"Having confidence in the system, allowing access to all staff, and knowing that the information is accurate and current is important to us."

Sally Sibley - Quality Manager at Ramahyuck District Aboriginal Corporation

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"We added the Risk module about a year ago and review these on a regular basis to decide if any changes are needed. All our incidents then go into LogiqcQMS"

Kim Passante - Clinic and Quality Manager at Carbal Medical Services

Auckland Eye logo-1

"LogiqcQMS definitely helps us to better manage our incidents and feedback. It gives us greater oversight into what is really happening within the business."

Deb Boyd - CEO at Auckland Eye

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"With the LogiqcQMS, we build a positive reporting culture where anyone can say, “There’s been an incident. I’ve done this.” We’re human, after all. The hospital or healthcare facility promotes a ‘can do’ culture and the staff focus on making an improvement."

Leith McMillan - CEO at Day Hospital Consulting

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Safety, quality, and risk management in healthcare

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