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Asset management

Imagine a 360-degree view of your assets and equipment showing related planned maintenance, documentation, faults, and suppliers.

Asset management is a process encompassing the tracking and maintenance, and eventual disposal of an organisation's plant and equipment assets. It involves ensuring that all assets are accounted for, effectively deployed, and efficiently maintained throughout their lifecycle.

By implementing effective asset management practices, organisations can optimise operational efficiency, minimise risks, and maximise the value derived from their assets. With a comprehensive asset management system in place, organisations can streamline their processes and ensure that all assets are accounted for and effectively utilised throughout their lifecycle.

Provided as a bundle, the Logiqc Asset and Maintenance registers work together to maximise asset lifecycle value, minimise risk, and improve safety by helping you to create a centralised register of assets and a schedule of planned maintenance tasks.

As an integrated component of the Logiqc, you can link your assets to related policies and procedures for greater visibility within a wider governance framework. The Assets register also integrates with other Logiqc registers as part of your subscription to track related contracts, fault and repair reporting, incidents, supplier performance and more.

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The Logiqc Asset and Maintenance registers work together to enable you to:

  • Create a fully searchable and centralised enterprise asset register.
  • Schedule and monitor recurring maintenance and service tasks.
  • Set asset review and disposal dates and automatic reminders.
  • Store information and records of routine and preventive maintenance.


How Logiqc can help

Here are just some of the ways that Logiqc can help you manage assets

Asset register

Logiqc's Asset register helps you to maintain and manage assets and equipment critical to your delivery of services. 

Maintenance Register

Logiqc's Maintenance register helps you keep track of upcoming maintenance tasks, work in progress, and overdue tasks.

Suppliers register

Logic's Suppliers register helps you manage supply chain risk and ensure suppliers are authorised and performance is reviewed. 

How Logiqc has simplified safety, quality and risk management

Click on one of the customer stories below to discover how Logiqc has been implemented in health and community services organisations.


"We recently opened a new dental clinic and it was accredited within 4 weeks; we would normally have given ourselves up to a year to get it done."

Leonie Smit - Risk, Compliance & Quality Manager at Institute for Urban Indigenous Health

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"Audits and accreditation can be a stressful experience, having extra support from a team of people who do this for a living is incredibly valuable."

Darcy Inglis - Managing Director at Honestally

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"We received great feedback from the assessor that he hadn’t seen a QMS like Logiqc being used to its full capacity and working so well."

Cassie Atchison - CEO at Broome Regional Aboriginal Medical Service (BRAMS)

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"We use LogiqcQMS predominantly for ISO 9001 accreditation. I don’t think we would have achieved the accreditation if we didn’t have it."

Claire Wimbridge - Quality & Compliance Manager at East Kimberley Job Pathways

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"Having confidence in the system, allowing access to all staff, and knowing that the information is accurate and current is important to us."

Sally Sibley - Quality Manager at Ramahyuck District Aboriginal Corporation

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"We are up to about 230 reporting compliances and they are all loaded into the platform.[...] LogiqcQMS keeps everyone accountable."

Floyd Leedie - Chief Executive Officer at Goondir Health Services

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"I love it when someone puts an incident up because it won’t get lost until it’s dealt with. It’s a protection for the business financially too."

Bonnie Buchan - Infection Control and Health and Safety at Auckland City Surgical Services

Carbal logo-1

"We added the Risk module about a year ago and review these on a regular basis to decide if any changes are needed. All our incidents then go into LogiqcQMS"

Kim Passante - Clinic and Quality Manager at Carbal Medical Services

Auckland Eye logo-1

"LogiqcQMS definitely helps us to better manage our incidents and feedback. It gives us greater oversight into what is really happening within the business."

Deb Boyd - CEO at Auckland Eye

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"LogiqcQMS encourages staff to start analysing risk in the early days of operations."

Leith McMillan - CEO at Day Hospital Consulting

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