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LOGIQC QMS user survey

In September 2016 we emailed 4,851 LOGIQC QMS users across Australia and New Zealand. The response was terrific with 708 responses. Remarkably, around 350 respondents put considerable time and effort into their responses and provided great detail and insight.

So what did you say, and what did we learn?

We are pleased to report that 66% of users were satisfied or very satisfied with LOGIQC QMS. A fairly high percentage weren’t sure or hadn’t used it yet. 78% of users would recommend the software to an industry colleague and only 7% were dissatisfied or very dissatisfied.

While this is a result that most software companies would be very happy with, we were keen to dig deep into the more detailed responses to find out how we can do even better.

Here is a summary of your feedback to us:

What is your overall satisfaction with the LOGIQC QMS software? Responses
Very Satisfied 13.42%
Satisfied 52.26%
Neutral 25.42%
Dissatisfied 4.80%
Very dissatisfied 1.98%
Don’t know, have never used the software 2.12%


In other questions, 65% of respondents were satisfied or very satisfied with LOGIQC’s impact on the effectiveness of their organisation and 65% were satisfied or very satisfied with LOGIQC’s features.

So what didn’t you like?

What features do you like the LEAST? Responses
Searching 29%
User Interface/User Experience 27%
Task Register 12%
New Features Ideas 8%
Support/training 6%
Business impact 5%
Documents register 4%
Incidents register 2%
Records register 2%
Communication 1%
Contract register 1%
Feedback register 1%
Meetings register 1%
Compliance register 1%
Contacts 1%
Training register 1%


In analysing your responses it was clear that the two main areas where improvement is needed were:

  1. Searching
  2. General clarity around how to use and move around in system including what to do when tasks arrive. (Sometimes described as issues with training/support and sometimes described as the software not being intuitive enough)

So what have we done in response to your feedback?

The feedback we received, while very positive, made us determined to make LOGIQC QMS not just better but GREAT. So in October 2017 we commenced a comprehensive review and redesign of the ‘front-end’ of the platform.  What’s the ‘front-end’? it’s the screens, forms and fields that you interact with and how you navigate around in the the system. We’ve also designed some new features like a dashboard and a global search because, lets face it, everyone loves a good dashboard and one click search across the entire system was the most popular request in the survey. This significant new release will be LOGIQC V6 and it will be available later in 2018.

So thank you to all who participated in the survey. When we release LOGIQC V6 we are sure it will demonstrate that the time you took to complete the survey was definitely not a waste of time and, importantly, we do listen and we do act.

Read more about the development of LOGIQC V6 here.