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LOGIQC sponsors ProCare’s 2017 Practice Manager’s Day

We are proud to be the Gold Sponsor of ProCare’s Practice Managers Day 2017.  The ProCare network is the largest cooperative of healthcare professionals in New Zealand representing more than 180 practices across the greater Auckland region, with over 800,000 enrolled patients. This year the Practice Manager’s Day will be held on Friday 7 July at Waipuna Hotel at Mt Wellington.

In September 2016 LOGIQC and ProCare announced a partnership to provide the LOGIQC QMS to ProCare’s GP Practices. The first nine practices to access this special offer commenced their implementation in November 2016.

What are they saying about the benefits?

LOGIQC will help streamline the documentation and auditing by having everything in one place to make the accreditation process a little easier.

LOGIQC can be set up to notify and alert users through email for incomplete tasks. There’s less risk of missing something. It will be almost like I have a personal assistant!

LOGIQC is a one-stop-shop for management of all registers and allows for easier management of task follow up, easy access to all documents for staff and good document control features.

We are thrilled with this great response and we look forward to on-boarding the new group of practices soon.