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LOGIQC V6. We asked, you spoke, we listened, we acted.

The big news from us here at LOGIQC is that we will be rolling out LOGIQC QMS V6 in the latter half of 2018. While V5 in 2015 was a significant new release, in many ways V6 will be the most significant upgrade to the platform we have made since its release in October 2010.

Late in 2016 we sent out a survey to all 4800+ licenced users of LOGIQC. Even better than the great result of 700+ survey responses, most respondents took the time to provide well considered and detailed responses. Thank you for the fantastic response. Read more about the survey results here.

So what have we done in response to your feedback?

The feedback we received, while very positive, made us determined to make LOGIQC QMS not just better but GREAT. So late in 2017 we commenced a redesign of the ‘front-end’ of the system. That is, the screens that users interact with and the buttons used to navigate the system. We started this process by learning more about you. This meant interviewing CEO’s managers and staff from across our customer base about their experiences with LOGIQC QMS. Thank you to all those who participated in these interviews.

The feedback from the survey and the user interviews has led to the design of some new features like a dashboard of high-level information customised to the user and a global search function because, lets face it, everyone loves a good dashboard and one click search across the entire system was the most popular request in the survey.

So what’s next?

From now on we will be communicating regularly with you about the roll-out of the new LOGIQC QMS V6 and to share sneak previews of the system and its features. The upgrade to V6 will be free and we expect it to occur between August and November 2018.

We will also be conducting user feedback sessions based on beta versions of the new platform so if you are interested in participating in this process please email for details of the participation options.