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LogiqcQMS integrates with The Victorian Health Incident Management System

The Victorian Health Incident Management System (VHIMS) is a standardised dataset for classifying and reporting clinical, occupational health and safety (OH&S) incidents, near misses, hazards, and consumer feedback.  

Organisations in receipt of funding from the Victorian Department of Health are required to report all clinical, occupational health and safety incidents, near misses, hazards related to the funded service. The incident and feedback information collected in VHIMS then helps to drive local and statewide improvements in quality, safety, and patient experience.

In the past, public and private health services were relying on the RiskMan system for that reporting but, in 2020, this option was replaced with the new VHIMS Central online portal and the option for 3rd party integrations. This is where Logiqc stepped in to provide a better user experience.

Report your incidents from your LogiqcQMS

At Logiqc, we believe that when systems work in harmony, the complex becomes simple, and that’s when users experience real benefits. We have worked with community and government stakeholders to build an API (Application Programming Interface) to automatically transfer “in-scope” incidents reported in the LogiqcQMS Incidents Register to the VHIMS database. 

For organisations using LogiqcQMS, this means they will be able to link their incident management system to the VHIMS online platform and use it as an alternative to the Victorian Government’s ‘Central Solution’ web reporting portal to provide a single point of entry and a single user experience for staff reporting incidents. 

Logiqc Incidents Register

Logiqc Incidents Register helps you ensure adverse events are reported and managed in accordance with operational policy. 

Key features

  • Online reporting of incidents, near misses, and hazards from any device and any location.
  • Built-in workflows to notify relevant users and track actions to respond to incidents.
  • Attach relevant documentation such as records, photographs, and emails to compile a complete ‘package’ of information about the event.
  • Safety Dashboard (add-on) for easy access to good business analytics to oversight the safety of the environment and culture of the workplace. The Safety Dashboard tracks incidents, hazards and near misses and provides metrics on timeliness and related learnings.

How to use the integration?

If you are already working with the LogiqcQMS Incidents Register you will be able to make a seamless transition to the new ‘VHIMS version’ and all your historical data will be retained. The ‘VHIMS upgrade’ comes with some additional features to align with the VHIMS Minimum Data Set while maintaining a user experience that is as friendly and intuitive as the existing LogiqcQMS interface that you’re used to. Contact the team at Logiqc to learn more.

If you’re not an existing user of the LogiqcQMS but are looking for a system that will facilitate your VHIMS reporting, you can start your Logiqc journey with our incidents register. You can always add any of the other LogiqcQMS registers as and when needed.