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Logiqc’s latest features: say hello to improved risk management and enhanced security

When we closed off 2021, we told you about our commitment to features that would make LogiqcQMS smarter and easier to use.

Our first release of the year is doing just that with improvements for risk management as well as enhanced security features. Read on to learn more!

Improved Risk Management

New Related Risk Component for Contract Register

Risk-based thinking encourages organisations to evaluate risk when undertaking processes and establishing controls and improvements in a quality management system. It’s a concept that was introduced in the 2015 update of the ISO 9001 quality management standard. 

The new Related Risk component appears in the Contract register on the Details, Manage and Approve forms and allows users to comment on the risks associated with contracts and create links to identified risks already in the system.

Customisable Risk Names

Adding risks to the LogiqcQMS platform has previously required the system administrator to add the risk name first before it could be selected from the menu, causing delays and limiting the responsiveness for some organisations. 

Thanks to this new feature, users with the relevant permissions will be able to simply free type the risk name to quickly add risks to the system from scratch. Once the new risk is saved LogiqcQMS will automatically link it to the selected category and update the menu in the background – job done!  

Enhanced Security with Password Updates

Strong passwords are your first line of defence against cybercriminals. The weaker the password, the easier it is for a hacker to crack and access your information which is why we have just brought new improvements to make your account better protected.

Improved Password Security

To help you protect your data we have strengthened the platform’s requirements for passwords. The next time you update your password you will notice increased security requirements and a helpful traffic light progress bar that goes green when your password is compliant.  

Reset your password with your email address 

Having to remember your username when you’re trying to reset your password can cause some frustration and delays. This improvement will help you reset your password quicker while ensuring your account stays safe at all times.

Simply enter your email address instead of your username and if it matches the address used in your account a reset email will be sent and you’ll be good to go 24/7!