Accreditation, Audits

New online access for external auditors and assessors

The external auditor environment is changing. Auditors are becoming sensitive to the need to reduce the burden on organisations in their preparation for external audits. To support this shift, we have included in your LOGIQC QMS additional LOGIQC User Licences for external auditors, at no charge. This will enable your auditor to access your QMS, from anywhere, and view the information they need to verify how your organisation complies with the requirements of standards.

We understand that some information in your QMS needs to remain confidential, and for this reason we have restricted external auditors’ access to confidential items.

You can provide access to your external auditor whether or not you have the Accreditation Module activated in your QMS.  However, if you do have the Module activated, you will be able to setup an evidence report for each indicator / criterion, which will provide your auditor with the links to the evidence in your LOGIQC QMS that you want them to access.

To support your organisation, we have developed an instruction manual for external auditors and we will also provide your auditor with an online instruction session, at no charge to your organisation.

So, if you have an upcoming external audit and you want your LOGIQC QMS to be the one working late into the night preparing for the external audit and providing the auditor with the information they need, contact us and we will provide you with the assistance.