Why invest in a QMS this EOFY?

As we are nearing the end of another financial year, now is the time where many businesses are considering their investments for the year ahead. 

If you are looking to embark on a business transformation, or shake up your processes, there are two great dates in the year to get started. The new calendar year (1 January) is the obvious one, and the other is the new financial year (1 July) – both of which signify new beginnings. And if you are planning enterprise-wide initiatives, such as embedding a Quality Management System (QMS), which is likely to require change in the organisation’s culture, then the practicality of these dates shouldn’t be taken for granted.  

Many things in the business world mark 30 June as an end date, such as funding contracts and reconciliation of financials (at least in southern hemisphere!). So, if you want to start something new, it might be best to ride the wave of EOFY and consider 1 July as the start date. Good planning is critical to a project’s success, as is a fixed deadline. This makes 1 July a great date to kick start large projects, working towards a 1 January ‘go live’ date.  

As we approach 1 July, consider using this time to review your current systems and processes, hit reset, and start on projects that require new thinking and ways of doing things. For example, you might like to give your QMS a health check. If you find that your current systems for managing safety, quality and risk are people dependent and holding you back from becoming a learning organisation, then it could be time to start the transition to a technology-based QMS.  

Once you’ve decided to invest in a QMS that supports your organisation to learn and grow, the following investments will also set your project up for success: 

  • Invest time in communicating the vision  
  • Invest time in the planning phase 
  • Invest in allocating staffing resources to ensure the build phase remains on track 
  • Invest in the future by ensuring the system is built to manage scale and complexity 
  • Invest in your people by providing them with the skills they need to transition 
  • Invest in your organisational culture to ensure sustained and effective change management 

You might also find this step-by-step process to successfully implementing a QMS useful. 

For our current clients, the EOFY is a good time to see how you can get more value from your subscription. There is a range of smart new features that you could consider, which will make delegation that much easier. Some of our latest developments enable users to configure their QMS to automate reporting of adverse events to the right person, the right meeting, and to notify the right people.  

If you have been considering migrating to the latest version of LogiqcQMS, 1 July can signal the beginning of a new journey for the organisation, with access to features like global search, bulk edit, enhanced filters, an interconnected document register, analytics and an intuitive user interface.  

Interested in learning more? Get in touch to arrange an online demonstration.