All the features you need to manage quality, safety and risk. LogiqcQMS comprises core features and a suite of optional registers which can be added at any time. Start small and grow your system and don't pay for what you don't need.

Core feature


Multiple configurable dashboards can be activated to keep you up-to-date with what needs to be done and provide a high level view of what's trending across the organisation.

  • Stay on top of what you need to do

    Keep an eye on your week

  • Manage your team

    Check what’s coming up for your team

  • Monitor risk

    Drill down into identified risks and get a heads-up about areas of high exposure.

  • Track your quality program

    Real time analytics on compliance with standards, status of internal audits and improvement action in train.

Core feature

Task management

Schedule tasks, track, and collaborate on what needs to be done. Each user gets their own task box and automatic email reminders about what's coming up and what's overdue. Line managers get a dashboard widget with a quick view of their team's tasks

Core feature


Generate trend graphs to identify emerging issues and drill down with powerful filters to create your own reports.

Core feature

Designed by humans for humans

Intuitive and simple design. Optimised for mobile and tablet so staff can access the system from any device, anywhere and anytime.

Optional registers

Governance registers

LogiqcQMS includes a suite of registers to help you to build effective and sustainable governance across your organisation. The governance registers will support you to manage document control, risk, accreditation, contracts and suppliers.

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Optional registers

Management registers

The LogiqcQMS suite of management registers help to make complex tasks simpler by allocating accountability for what needs to be done. The management registers support you to manage internal audits, compliance tasks, and to schedule checks for staff training and licensing.

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Optional registers

Reporting registers

The LogiqcQMS suite of Reporting registers help to create an environment where individuals feel free to report errors and make suggestions for improvement which help the organisation learn from adverse events and near misses. The reporting registers support the reporting and management of incidents, complaints, feedback, improvement suggestions, non-conformance and equipment faults.

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All the features you need

Let's look under the hood

Mobile and tablet

Optimised for mobile and tablet for easy reporting on the run or in the field.


Upload and link evidence to support compliance and accreditation.


System generated online agenda for each team showing action items.


Centralised and controlled list of suppliers, partners and contractors.


Export any register to excel for additional reporting or collaboration.

Calendar integration

Integrate your LogiqcQMS meetings with your online calendar.

Built-in help

Search our knowledge base or ask a human. There's plenty of help available.


Hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud and managed in accordance with ISO 27001.

Secure hosting

All data hosted in Australia.