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What Are Customers Saying? A Dive into Logiqc Partnerships.

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This time, we are shining the spotlight on our customers. Join us as we share their feedback and insights, and learn how your organisation could also thrive through an effective partnership with Logiqc.

We take pride in the fact that these successful partnerships with clients are not solely based on a great product - they also include our exceptional team. We are more than just experts; we are dedicated allies, always ready to provide support and engage in productive conversations with our clients.

But do not just take our word for it! Hear directly from our clients as they share their experiences working with us.


Our Team: Good Humans With Deep Expertise.


“The Logiqc team was exceptional during the onboarding process and has continued to be exceptional. They stand out as one of the most responsive vendors I've ever dealt with for a software product.”

- Debra Benger, former Executive Lead in Quality & Risk at Maxlife Care.

“Learning to use LogiqcQMS has been a pleasant surprise for us (...) And our communication with the Logiqc team has greatly contributed. They quickly respond to our queries, which gives the team a high level of confidence to use the system.”

- Dr Debbie Blake, Scientific Director at Repromed.


At Logiqc, we see ourselves as more than just a software platform. We do not just set up systems and walk away. Instead, our onboarding program is designed to share relevant industry knowledge and to support you in seamlessly transitioning your business process to the Logiqc platform.

We are passionate about bringing order, rigour, and simplicity to the space, replacing pain points with ease, efficiency, and clarity.

But our support goes beyond just boosting productivity or making jobs easier - although that is a crucial part of what we do. What truly matters to us is the big picture. We firmly believe that when quality, compliance, and risk management are done right, they can be a powerful force for good.


Our Product: Enhancing Governance and Safety.


Health and Safety

“LogiqcQMS definitely helps us to better manage our incidents and feedback. It gives us greater oversight into what is really happening within the business”

- Deb Boyd, former CEO at Auckland Eye.


Managing and ensuring safety is central to safeguarding the well-being of clients, patients, healthcare professionals, and visitors alike. A robust solution like Logiqc enables easy incident reporting, including near misses and hazards, while offering key analytics to drive improvement efforts.

How? Through centralising and integrating critical business processes into one system:

  • Incident Register: Empowers staff to report incidents and hazards online from any device, 24/7 and uses adverse events to track the organisation’s exposure to risk. 
  • Risk Register: Supports the risk management process for strategic, safety, and operational risks in alignment with ISO 31000 standards enabling top management to measure the effectiveness of controls as well as changes in the organisation’s risk exposure.
  • Audit register: Facilitates efficient tracking of upcoming audits, those in progress, and any overdue audits, ensuring compliance and timely completion. Fully integrates with the Improvement register.
  • Documents Register: A centralised library of approved documents including policies, procedures, and forms. It can be extended to manage document acknowledgement.
  • Improvement Register: Enables all staff members to effortlessly report non-conformance and opportunities for improvement, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and proactive risk management.


Risk Management

“LogiqcQMS encourages staff to start analysing risk in the early days of operations.”

- Leith McMillan, CEO at Day Hospital Consulting


Logiqc's Risk Register offers comprehensive support to our clients throughout the risk management journey, covering both strategic and operational risks. From identification and assessment to implementing controls and analysing trends, our platform facilitates every step.

By enabling clients to understand, prioritise, and address risks effectively, it empowers them to proactively minimise, monitor, and control the potential impact of unforeseen adverse events, staying ahead of potential issues.



Quality Management

"In a recent accreditation, we received great feedback from the assessor that he hadn’t seen a QMS like Logiqc being used to its full capacity and working so well. This was a proof-point of the benefits of using LogiqcQMS to its full potential – it’s critical for maintaining our QMS goals.”

- Cassie Atchison, CEO at Broome Regional Aboriginal Medical Service (BRAMS).


Quality management is an ongoing process that demands dedication and a commitment to continuous improvement. It requires setting quality standards, measuring performance against these standards, and taking corrective actions.

The Logiqc platform empowers our customers to establish robust processes and systems with clear guidelines and protocols for service delivery. It streamlines the process of meeting regulatory requirements, engages employees, and fosters a culture of accountability and continuous learning.



Accreditation and Compliance

“We recently opened a new dental clinic and it was accredited within 4 weeks; we would normally have given ourselves up to a year”

- Leonie Smit, Risk, Compliance & Quality Manager at The Institute for Urban Indigenous Health (IUIH).

“We use LogiqcQMS predominantly for ISO 9001 accreditation. To be honest, I don’t think we would have achieved the accreditation if we didn’t have LogiqcQMS”

- Claire Wimbridge, Quality & Compliance Manager at East Kimberley Job Pathways.


Navigating accreditation and compliance requirements is a demanding and time-consuming process. The Logiqc QMS platform has been designed to eliminate the time-consuming process of preparing for an audit. It generates the evidence report for the auditor, based on what the system manages every day in your business.

We firmly believe that a successful implementation of the Logiqc quality management system hinges on a mutually beneficial partnership with our customers. With a thorough understanding of your requirements, we can make Logiqc work for you.


Get in touch with our team and learn firsthand how an effective partnership with Logiqc can transform your organisation's approach to quality management, compliance, and risk. We look forward to hearing from you!

Manage safety, quality and risk in healthcare

This is an example paragraph where you can talk about whatever you want. This is an example paragraph where you can talk.

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Manage safety, quality and risk in healthcare

This is an example paragraph where you can talk about whatever you want. This is an example paragraph where you can talk.

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