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Document management brings transparency, trust and accountability

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Ramahyuck District Aboriginal Corporation was established in 1992 as an Aboriginal community-controlled organisation to improve the social, health and economic outcomes for Aboriginal people in Victoria’s East Gippsland. Now a leading provider of primary healthcare and related social and family support services, its clinics and programs specialise in culturally appropriate and comprehensive primary health services for Aboriginal people while also providing health services to the non-Aboriginal population.

Sally Sibley joined Ramahyuck in 2017 as Quality Manager, bringing to the organisation 15 years of experience in the quality field. Sally has also worked as an external auditor, so she understands both sides of the process very well.  

Using LogiqcQMS to support ISO 9001 accreditation

Ramahyuck started using the LogiqcQMS in 2013. The primary motivation was to gain ISO 9001 accreditation.

When I joined in 2017, I’d been working in quality for more than 15 years and had used lots of accreditation standards. But this was the first time I had used the LogiqcQMS, though I was aware of it. I started out with a degree of trepidation, if I’m honest. But with some really good online training and support from Logiqc, and from my offsider, I like to think that I became an adept user.

We use all of the governance registers comprehensively; all of the management registers with the exception of the training register; and all of the reporting registers with the exception of  the repairs register. To track our equipment—testing, tagging, calibration, we use the compliance register. It works really well for that.

Top-notch support with the LogiqcQMS upgrade

Upgrading to version 6 of the LogiqcQMS was the best decision. Version 6 is a totally different look and most staff commented that it is easier to use and more intuitive than v5. The upgrade process was less painful than I anticipated, and we went live in November 2019 with no downtime whatsoever.

There were a few bugs in the early days—that’s software, that happens. I’m quick to put my hand up—if you don’t tell someone, it won’t get fixed—and with Logiqc it is usually fixed pretty quickly.

The support I get from Logiqc staff has always been top notch. They’ve always been able to remedy the problem or direct us to an end-user issue.

A comprehensive system that keeps everyone accountable

It’s difficult to isolate any one benefit of the LogiqcQMS. As a package, its comprehensive, it’s logical, and without it my job becomes very difficult. I’ve worked in organisations that had no QMS software, I’ve worked in organisations that had a QMS—this is the best one that I’ve used. And for what you get, it’s not expensive.

Sometimes organisations are not sure who’s meant to be doing what, and when. This system keeps everybody accountable. And having a system set up to match how your organisation works is really powerful. The system doesn’t dictate the structure of the organisation; you just set it up to match how you work.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend LogiqcQMS, especially v6.

Document management – transparency and trust

I absolutely love the document register. Having an overarching protocol for everything from formal policies and procedures down to, say, a notepad they use at reception—a protocol that says these are the documents that have to go in the system, this is the template, and this is the information that needs to go with it—it makes everything so easy.

The master copy is always on the system so you can see any unauthorised changes, and the history tells you everything you want to know about a document in the system.

We’re relatively small at about 120 staff, but we’re spread over two local government regions. To have a system that provides transparency, honesty and trust that a document is the approved version is hugely valuable.

Having confidence in the system, allowing access to all staff, and knowing that the information is accurate and current is important to us.

Accreditation – LogiqcQMS makes life easy

The thing that makes my life easy are the accreditation registers. In the LogiqcQMS I have an accreditation register for each standard we are accredited to: ISO 9001; Human Services Standards Victoria; RACGP for our medical clinics; national Aged Care Quality Standards; and the NDIS Practice Standards. We’re currently waiting for confirmation of our NDIS accreditation.

For each standard in the LogiqcQMS, the system allows you to build your accreditation action plan for an upcoming review.

I really like that, once you’ve linked a piece of evidence anywhere in the system, the accreditation register always picks up the most recent version. So if a policy is reviewed 5 times in a year, the reviewer will see the most recent one. From my perspective, as Quality Manager, I can’t overstate the value of that. It’s the Tatts lotto win, really.

In previous places I’ve worked, I’d start preparing for a review 6 months out, getting people to provide evidence. With the LogiqcQMS, if it’s in the system I don’t have to ask anyone for anything.

Manage safety, quality and risk in healthcare

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Manage safety, quality and risk in healthcare

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