Day Hospitals

Our clients in the hospitals sector across Australia and New Zealand include eye specialists, general surgery hospitals, oncology and radiology centres, and fertility clinics.

Across the world, the hospital sector faces an increasingly complex compliance environment, changing consumer expectations, and a greater focus by regulators on quality and outcomes. From improving patient safety to meeting your obligations against national safety and quality standards, we understand the unique business challenges day hospitals face every day.

Streamline processes

Manage risk and compliance

Get total visibility of key risks and adverse events with our ISO 31000-compliant risk register. Track risk mitigation actions to reduce exposure to risk. Schedule and assign tasks to manage compliance and use workflows to delegate accountability.

Continual quality improvement

Drive quality

Schedule internal audits to improve quality of care and help implement change. Drive efficiencies with a single, integrated system for corporate and clinical governance.

Improve performance

Enhance Safety

Empower your team to report and manage adverse events and near misses more easily. Respond to and resolve incidents faster. Use analytics to identify issues and drive solutions to improve your safety record.

Comply with standards

Stay accreditation ready 24/7

With the LogiqcQMS Accreditation register you will be accreditation ready 24/7. The platform can generate, with a moment's notice, the evidence report for the audit team, demonstrating your organisation's compliance with the NSQHS standards. In preparation for the audit, the platform will support a self-assessment and provide a quality action plan detailing what, who, and when action is needed to better meet the standards.

Your QMS challenges, solved.

Benefit from a range of powerful features designed with day hospitals in mind.

No more disparate systems

Streamline your safety, quality and risk management processes in the one place, with our integrated management system.

Keep an eye on regulation

Ease the burden of increasing regulation. Track key compliance tasks and maintain visibility of compliance with standards.

Effortless time management

Track the status of hundreds of critical tasks at any one time and set up system-generated reminders to ensure important deadlines aren't missed.

Continual improvement

Record improvement opportunities and non-conformances arising from internal audit and adverse events.

Software that suits everyone

Our simple, intuitive platform, accessible via desktop, tablet or mobile, enables widespread adoption at all levels.

Better access to key data

Identify trends and make better decisions through customised dashboards and powerful business analytics.

Industry specialists

More than just software

With a full suite of services including build support, training and content provision, we’re more than just a technology platform.


Save time with a range of support resources designed specifically for day hospitals, including content specific to NSQHS, ISO 9001, NZS 8164 and other quality and clinical standards.


Get everyone up-and-running faster with online and onsite training and onboarding, tailored to your requirements and budget.

Accreditation support

Identify and prioritise your accreditation must-dos with our gap analysis tool. Build recommendations and actions into your system to simplify compliance.

Build support

Make sure your system build is in line with healthcare standards. Get help setting up your audit program, documentation, scheduling and more.

360° support

Tap into the expertise of our healthcare sector specialists - whenever and wherever you need it.

We love it when our clients are happy

Trusted by dozens of healthcare organisations across Australia and New Zealand.

CEO Auckland Eye

Deb Boyd

LogiqcQMS definitely helps us to better manage our incidents and feedback. It gives us greater oversight into what is really happening within the business.

Bodene Dingwall

From version control to incidents and improvements, and accreditation—everything is in one spot and it’s all linked. It’s such a good all-round system.

Leith McMillan

LogiqcQMS encourages staff to start analysing risk in the early days of operations.

Headshot of Dr Debbie Blake

Dr Debbie Blake

LogiqcQMS adds tremendous value to our business. I look back now and don’t know how any high quality and regulated business could operate without it.