Corporate governance is the framework of rules, relationships, systems and processes within an organisation and the mechanisms by which accountability is assigned and monitored.

LogiqcQMS includes a suite of registers to help you to build effective and sustainable governance across your organisation, and dashboards to bring it all together.


Risk register

Stay on top of critical risks with reports showing risks, controls and related adverse events. Proven in the field to meet ISO 9001 and ISO 31000 requirements.

  • Risk identification

    Describe key risks including potential causes and consequences

  • Set risk ratings

    Rate the risk using a consequence/likelihood matrix and set a target rating

  • Treat and mitigate risks

    Create a risk mitigation plan by building an action list and delegating tasks with deadlines and email reminders

  • Track related issues

    Link incident categories to risks for auto-reporting on related adverse events


Accreditation register

Manage compliance against multiple standards and reduce the time required to prepare for audits. No one likes surprises on audit day. With the LogiqcQMS, you get visibility of exactly where you comply and where you need to implement to improve. You can even provide your auditor with online access to an evidence report.

  • Self assessment and gap analysis

    Link your evidence to a standard and track your compliance

  • Action plan with task reminders

    Set tasks to address gaps and generate an automatic accreditation action plan

  • Online evidence report

    Generate a report on compliance with the requirements of standards

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Documents register

Manage version control and ensure staff have access to the latest approved versions of policies, procedures and forms. Get automatic reminders to review and update documents.

  • Document control

    Manage document reviews and maintain full version history

  • Single source of truth

    Ensure all staff access only the single latest approved version

  • Auto reminders for review

    Schedule automatic reminders for document updating and delegate reviews across your team


Contracts register

Make sure all your legal contractual risk is managed from one place. Assign accountabilities for managing contracts and get reminders for deadlines and associated compliance requirements.

  • Secure contract library

    Secure online access to contracts and agreements to help you manage legal compliance

  • Reminders and task delegation

    Schedule automatic reminders for contract expiry and delegate tasks to manage contract renewal across your team

  • Integration with other QMS registers

    Create related tasks to manage legal compliance


Suppliers register

Create a controlled list of approved suppliers with auto reminders for performance reviews. Add supplier performance notes on the fly and save time.

  • Controlled list of preferred providers

    Automated workflow for approval and review of external suppliers

  • Suppliers widget

    Supplier status 'at a glance'

    Dashboard widgets to keep you in the know about supplier performance reviews.