The LogiqcQMS Onboarding Program is comprised of 5 steps designed to provide your organisation with the support and resources you need to build the LogiqcQMS platform to meet your specific requirements.

As part of the Onboarding Program, you will have access to a Product Specialist who will work with you to configure and use the QMS to meet your specific requirements.  

Our goal is to provide you with the resources and support you need to build and implement a sustainable governance solution to manage safety, quality, risk, and compliance.

Step 0 - Getting Started

To support a planned approach to the build of your QMS, we will work with you to develop a Project Plan and a Product Specialist will regularly connect with you at key points during the build phase to ensure you have the resources you need to meet your goals and timelines.

What we will do

- Set up all system menus with examples relevant to your organisation.
- Work with you to develop a Project Plan to guide and coordinate the build of your QMS.
- Introduce you to the learning resources available on the LogiqcQMS Academy and Knowledge Base.

What you need to do

- Provide us with key contact information.
- Appoint a team to project manage the build of the QMS.
- Advise us of your short to medium and long-term goals.

Step 1 - Develop a Shared Vision of the Scope and Purpose of LogiqcQMS

Onboarding Session 1 is designed to ensure that from the get-go there is a shared vision for the scope and purpose of the platform across the leadership team.

What we will do

- Provide templates to document the scope of the platform, delegation and communications pathways, and business rules for the management of the platform.
- Work with your project team to finalise the Project Plan.
- Help you to plan for Onboarding Session 2.

What you need to do

- Schedule the initial onboarding session for the leadership team and project sponsors.
- Set priorities for the build phase and determine timeframes for project milestones.

Step 2 - Configure Your QMS - Part 1

Onboarding Session 2 is designed to support your organisation to configure the data architecture to reflect your organisation’s requirements.

What we will do

Work with you to configure:
- permissions and access controls for Users
- system menus to reflect your specific operating environment
- risk settings to align the platform with your organisation’s risk framework
- severity settings to reflect your assessment criteria

What you need to do

- Schedule Onboarding Session 2 for the Project Team.
- Advise Logiqc of who your System Administrator/s will be.

Step 3 - Configure Your QMS - Part 2

Onboarding Session 3 will introduce you to another layer of your platform’s configuration options. There are over 15 settings in the platform that can be adjusted to meet your organisation’s specific requirements.

As part of moving to the next phase of the onboarding process, we will also introduce the LogiqcQMS Academy and the Knowledge Base, two complementary learning platforms, available to all Users.

What we will do

Work with you to:
- adjust the platform features to reflect your requirements.
- set up the User Accounts for the Project Team.
- set up your internal meetings on the Meeting Register
- finalise the data architecture of the platform.

- Introduce you to the LogiqcQMS Academy, a video-based learning resource and the LogiqcQMS Knowledge Base, an article-based learning resource.

What you need to do

- Schedule Onboarding Session 3 for the Project Team

Step 4 - Build your LogiqcQMS

Following the completion of Onboarding Sessions 1 – 3, you are ready to commence the build of your QMS.

To support the build phase we will provide you with 4-hours of online support with a Product Specialist, who will provide you with the information you need to build each Register activated in your platform.

This online support can be provided as and when you need it and can be accessed in 20-minute intervals at a minimum.

This online support is designed to provide you with information as needed and can be extended, at charge.

With You All the Way

Complementary Resources

Complementary to the Onboarding Program, we provide access to two self-serve learning platforms, which are designed to provide you with a complete understanding of the platform’s functionality: the LogiqcQMS Academy and the LogiqcQMS Knowledge Base. These resources can be assessed anytime by your full-staff team.  We also provide online courses facilitated by a Product Specialist.

LogiqcQMS Academy 

Unlimited, self-paced, video-based learning resources are available to all users at no additional charge via the LogiqcQMS Academy.

Visit the Logiqc Academy

LogiqcQMS Knowledge Base 

Instructional articles on every aspect of the platform are published on the LogiqcQMS Knowledge Base, which is available to all users.

Access the Knowledge Base

Online Courses – Set Course Content 

Pre-set courses are also available with a Product Specialist. These are provided online using a screen-sharing platform, Zoom or Microsoft Teams, which can be relayed to multiple participants and scheduled at a time suitable to your organisation. Contact us for details on the range of courses available and to book a session.

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Online Courses - Train the Trainer 

These sessions are designed to provide Trainers with resources to support an in-house training program. These courses focus on how to tailor our learning resources to fit your specific training requirements. 

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