Build a 'just culture' not a blame culture. The LogiqcQMS suite of Reporting registers help to create an environment where individuals feel free to report errors and make suggestions for improvement which help the organisation learn from adverse events and near misses.


Incidents register

Ensure adverse events are reported and managed in accordance with operational policy.

  • Online reporting of incidents, near misses and hazards

    Simple and intuitive forms optimised for reporting from desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.

  • Delegate and track actions to respond to incidents

    The built-in workflow automatically notifies users about reported incidents and investigations required to be undertaken.

  • Upload related documentation and create related improvements

    Attach relevant documentation such as records, photographs, and emails to compile a complete 'package' of information about the event.

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Improvement register

Track non-conformances and support continual and evidence based improvement in service delivery

  • Enable staff to contribute to improvement

    Simple reporting of issues or ideas

  • Evidenced based improvement

    Document root cause and build an evidence base for improvement actions.

  • Build a culture of excellence

    Empower staff to suggest improvement opportunities and identify non-conformances.


Feedback register

Ensure customer/client feedback and complaints are reported and managed effectively in accordance with operational requirements

  • Gain insights into external feedback

    Online reporting of complaints and feedback from external stakeholders

  • Delegate actions to respond

    Receive instant notification when feedback is reported. Assign action or close off as a record.

  • Generate trend reports on the issues being reported

    Summary reports are delivered directly to your dashboard. Use the analytics module to configure and export your own reports.



Ensure issues with plant and equipment is reported and managed

  • Record faults and organise repairs

    Online reporting of issues with equipment or plant