Incident management

Better Analytics and More Accurate Reporting with Customisable Incident Severity Codes

Patients, consumers, and the community trust health and community service organisations to provide safe, high-quality services. Although most health and community support services in Australia lead to good outcomes, consumers do not always receive the care that is most appropriate for them, and preventable adverse events do occur.

In healthcare, lapses in safety and quality, and unwarranted variation in health care have substantial costs, both financially and in terms of the effect on people’s lives. For example, studies have shown that up to 16% of total hospital activity and expenditure can be directly resulted from adverse events1.

Classifying incident severity helps ensure a consistent response and prevents confusion about how to proceed. The LogiqcQMS platform meets this challenge by giving you control to customise fields and functionality to support good practice reporting:

  • Severity rating – enables you to define a menu with up to five levels with your own assessment scale
  • Severity assessment guide – enables you to program your own pop-up educational messages to help users code the incident in accordance with your policies and industry conventions.
  • Severity assessment response – enables you to provide clear instructions on how to respond based on the assigned severity rating.

Clinical Harm Score vs Severity Assessment Code (SAC)

The Clinical Harm Score and the SAC score are both four-level rating scales to indicate the severity of the incident and the action required in response. Depending on jurisdiction and organisational policy you will most likely be using one of these rating scales in your incident management system.

No matter which rating system you choose, the LogiqcQMS platform is built for flexibility and puts the controls in your hands to customise the system to suit your business needs.

In addition to severity coding, the LogiqcQMS platform includes optional fields and functionality for documenting contributing factors and open disclosure processes.

Severity analytics

While the LogiqcQMS platform supports you to build a strong reporting culture, the platform also delivers decision-useful analytics.

If you are looking at implementing a system that will deliver better reporting and analytics for your organisation, book your free LogiqcQMS demo today.

1 The State Of Patient Safety And Quality In Australian Hospitals (ACSQH 2019)