Customise your Logiqc interface

Just like some of us prefer to handle fancy apps whereas others like the good old-fashioned pen-and-paper approach, one thing for sure is that when it comes to a software interface, everyone has a favourite way they want to organise their data.

When it comes to enhancing user experience, personalisation plays a pivotal role. At Logiqc we understand that each user is unique and has very different preferences for what their own information landscape looks like. 

That’s why, over the last year, we have released several features designed to enable you to customise your LogiqcQMS interface so that you are your most efficient.

Column selector (just released)

Personalise your LogiqcQMS workspace by setting which columns will display in each register tab and the order in which they will appear with a simple drag and drop.

You can also now re-size each column by grabbing the handle on either side of them. Once you adjust the register to suit how you want to view the data, your settings will remain set until you change them (when using the same browser on the same machine).

Configurable dashboards:

Not every user cares about the same information but rather, specific roles need specific data easily accessible.

The best part about dashboards is their ability to be customised to display the information that is the most critical to you and that will make your life easier. With Logiqc dashboards, you can choose which widgets appear on your dashboards and drag and drop widgets so that the information you need is accessible at a glance.

Customer feedback is what helps us constantly improve the platform and bring you features that are meaningful to you and make your experience better and your life easier. So, if you have any questions or comments on LogiqcQMS, please get in touch!