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The Future of Auditing: Meeting ISO Guidelines for Online Audits with Logiqc’s Accreditation Register.

The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) is taking significant steps to further enhance the guidelines for online management system audits, relevant for all organisations conducting internal or external audits.

ISO’s goal is to enhance confidence, consistency, and reliability in management systems auditing, regardless of the auditee’s location. Additionally, ISO aims to build trust in the use of remote auditing among customers, regulators, employees, and other stakeholders.

The Value Proposition for Remote Auditing Methods

Thanks to advances in information and communication technologies (ICT), remote auditing has become increasingly feasible and more commonly used. The use of these new technologies is transforming the audit landscape and providing auditors with some key benefits:

  • Provides flexibility to achieve the audit objectives.
  • Adaptable to a wider range of organisational models.
  • Reduces the costs and environmental impact of travel.

Another key benefit of remote auditing is enabling auditors to include expertise that may have been previously difficult due to financial or logistical constraints. For instance, a technical expert needed for only two hours during an audit can now conduct that analysis remotely, saving time and money. 

While not meant to replace regular on-site audits, ISO envisions remote auditing as a complementary tool to traditional methods that can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the auditing process.

It is also important to consider the limitations and risks posed by ICT in fulfilling audit objectives, including information security, data protection, confidentiality, and the veracity and quality of evidence collected.

Streamlining Compliance: How Logiqc Fits into the Online Auditing Landscape

Logiqc’s Accreditation Register is in complete alignment with ISO’s recent developments in online auditing guidelines. It simplifies compliance processes by enabling organisations to connect their documentation and actions to requirements of standards, generating evidence reports for management, board, and external auditors.

Key benefits of Logiqc’s Accreditation Register: 

  • Easily manage compliance against multiple standards.
  • Reduce preparation time and resources for external audits and assessments.
  • Streamline the management of the accreditation documentation in one central, secure system.

Logiqc’s Accreditation Register offers a range of features to support compliance efforts, including:

  • Support for over 50 standards
    To easily manage compliance across multiple areas of business.
  • High-level analytical compliance reporting
    Providing compliance status insights and identifying areas of improvement.
  • Creating a comprehensive quality action plan
    With task delegation and reminders, to efficiently manage compliance against multiple standards.
  • Conducting Internal self-assessments and gap analyses against standards
    Providing a clear understanding of the organisation’s compliance status.
  • Generating evidence reports against the requirements of standards
    To effortlessly demonstrate compliance with the requirements.
  • Free online access for external auditors
    Allowing them to easily access and review the organisation’s compliance documentation.
  • Free guides
    Listing the documents and actions required to meet the requirements of standards.

With Logiqc, you can easily demonstrate your compliance and meet ISO guidelines and accreditation requirements with confidence. Contact us now to learn more.