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How Tech-Driven Solutions are Transforming Healthcare 

As the Covid-19 pandemic unfolded, the healthcare sector experienced a remarkable shift, embracing technology like never before to combat crises and shape a resilient future. In today’s landscape, this tech-driven evolution remains pivotal for tackling challenges and empowering healthcare professionals to optimise their efforts. 

The rising demand for health services has heightened the complexity of managing safety, quality, and risk. Increased standards to meet and higher expectations for accountability and transparency also add to the challenge. 

In this context, cloud-based software solutions like LogiqcQMS, play a pivotal role. They provide healthcare and community service organisations with a streamlined solution that is essential for maintaining high-quality, patient-centred care amidst escalating challenges and growing health service demand. Moreover, they facilitate the management of critical business areas, including governance frameworks, operational management, and adverse events.

Harnessing the Power of Technology 

Technology-driven process management unlocks clear and impactful benefits for healthcare organisations. Explore the table below with tangible examples of these advantages across critical business areas.

Asset Management
Challenges of Traditional System LogiqcQMS Advantages
  • Spreadsheet management with limitations and deficiencies.
  • Challenges in managing a different number of assets.
  • No central depository of assets that staff can easily access and search
  • Centralised and fully searchable enterprise asset register.
  • Efficiently schedule and monitor recurring maintenance and service tasks.
  • Defined asset review and disposal dates with automatic reminders.
  • Integrated asset management system with seamless integration with supplier contracts, warranties, planned maintenance, faults and incidents.
External certification process management
Challenges of Traditional System LogiqcQMS Advantages
  • Quality Manager spends significant time preparing for external audits
  • Increasing demand for greater accountability and transparency in managing safety, quality and risk. 
  • Increasing requirements for demonstrating effective governance. 
  • Current systems unlikely to cope with increasing demands.
  • Supports self-assessment against standards.
  • Automatic generation of evidence reports for external auditors.
  • Maintains history of the organisation’s compliance with standards.
  • Free login account for external auditors.
Incident management
Challenges of Traditional System LogiqcQMS Advantages
  • Manual system with limitations and deficiencies.
  • Manual collation and analysis of data.
  • Seamless online incident reporting from any internet-enabled device.
  • Customisable restricted access options.
  • Automated delegation and overdue task reminders.
  • Easy attachment of related records.
  • Seamless integration with risk register and accreditation standards.
Document and records management
Challenges of Traditional System LogiqcQMS Advantages
  • Manual system with limitations and deficiencies.
  • Limited capacity for version control.
  • No central location for record storage.
  • Difficulties in locating records, required as certification evidence.
  • Centralised depository accessible to all staff.
  • Streamlined document control and archiving.
  • Easy document storage as links or files.
  • Customisable access restrictions.
  • Automated review prompts and overdue task reminders.
  • Seamless integration with standards.

Over 200 health and related organisations across Australia and New Zealand trust LogiqcQMS. If you are not with us yet and would like to discover how we can help you leverage technology and tackle the sector’s growing challenges, get in touch now. Our team would love to hear from you!