LOGIQC Client Portal

A new and innovative approach to supporting you to implement and strengthen your LOGIQC QMS

The new LOGIQC Client Portal supports the implementation and ongoing use of your LOGIQC QMS, provides access to resources and information and gives you direct access to our Customer Success Team. Powered by the platform, the free LOGIQC Client Portal will enable you to:

  • Track the delivery of training – what sessions have been done, who’s been involved and what training remains.
  • Access resources that we have developed to help you to build the content of your QMS to meet the requirements of industry standards.
  • Share a graphical ‘traffic light’ progress report showing the status of your QMS implementation.

And we’re with you ‘all the way’ – the Client Portal remains an active space throughout the life of your LOGIQC QMS.

For more information, click here to view the brochure.

If you are the Quality Manager or the LOGIQC Contact person in your organisation, request access to the Client Portal here.