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The LOGIQC team strengthened

We are proud to welcome Lisa Kurtz and Kathryn Chopping to the LOGIQC team.

As part of our ‘get to know us series’, this month we have highlighted Lisa.  Read Lisa’s story below.

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Lisa Kurtz

Business Systems Manager
As the Business Systems Manager, Lisa is responsible for accounts processing and bookkeeping and provides management oversight in the design and implementation of business systems. Lisa will be reviewing and improving internal systems to ensure our clients’ journey is as efficient and smooth as possible.

Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance), University of New South Wales, Australia

Professional journey

She started her career after finishing her Bachelor of Commerce at the University of New South Wales as a corporate accountant. Around the year 2000 and the introduction of the GST she transitioned into the accounting software industry.

“It was an exciting time to be in this industry as there was a real sense of the unknown. Would the world’s computers still work when the clock ticked over to 00? Would small business survive the introduction of a new tax? Obviously those concerns were unwarranted (and depending on your age you might even be wondering what I’m talking about!) but I remember this period as a milestone for Australian businesses.”

This was also the time Lisa started to develop an interest in systems management and she moved into a niche market working with accounting practices to systemise their own businesses for quality control and compliance. It was a natural progression then to come to LOGIQC whose clients are going through a similar journey.

Personal life

Passions of Lisa are photography and traveling.

“I love photography, particularly street photography. I shoot with a Fuji X-Pro 2, 18mm lens. It’s all about the perfect moment and I love the challenge.”

Her favourite country is Italy. She lived in Rome in her early twenties and has been back regularly ever since.

“In Rome I always stay in the Parlamento district and one of my favourite things to do is wake up early and go walking, camera in hand, before the city wakes up. I wander past the Pantheon, over to Piazza Navona, along Via del Governo Vecchio, past S. Maria della Pace and Bramante’s cloisters, along Via dei Coronari where the light is always beautiful. I then call into Chiesa di Sant’Agostino to have a peek at the Caravaggio and then back to Tazza d’Oro for a fabulous morning espresso (taken at the bar of course!) with a pastry.”


Working for LOGIQC, Lisa combines her experience and interest in accounting and systems. She manages our accounting system, including reporting and budgeting and oversees system development. You can reach Lisa on


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Kathryn Chopping, Business Development Officer
Bachelor of Science (Pharmaceutical Chemistry), Griffith University, Australia

As the Business Development Officer, Kathryn will bring results-oriented focus on new market development and expanding existing market opportunities for LOGIQC products and services. To perform this role, Kathryn uses her previous experience in health related sectors to get a complete understanding of LOGIQC’s potential customers.