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LogiqcQMS v7 – An Evolution

The recently announced planned upgrade to the new LogiqcQMS v7 on 1 November heralds a significant milestone in the platform’s development pathway.

As your organisation grows in scale and complexity, so too do your needs for greater sophistication from the LogiqcQMS platform, particularly in areas of user administration, task management, security, and access control.

Borne out of your feedback

You’ve told us that:

  • You need the tools in LogiqcQMS to quickly apply changes to organisational structure and to user access and permissions.
  • You need to be able to easily move and merge tasks across users and fine-tune what different groups of users can do on the platform.
  • And, like all users of cloud platforms, you need to harden your controls around access and security.

This is what we’ve been hearing and LogiqcQMS v7 is proof that we’ve been listening. 

Introducing LogiqcQMS v7

At the heart of v7 is a re-build of the architecture for managing users, licences, and permissions.

Key new features such as Roles, Teams, and Permissions provide new and advanced user management capabilities. In particular, v7 gives you more than 50 assignable user permissions to work with compared to v6 which allowed just one permission level per user.

While these new features are great aids to your system administrators, they importantly are also part of a bigger picture of security. Combined with our highly recommended Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication integration, controlling user permissions through roles is a fundamental component of any security management protocol.

So, let’s review the key benefits of LogiqcQMS v7:

  • Increased control over the permissions for what users can do in the platform.
  • Increased flexibility and control over user access (viewing permissions) to register items.
  • Improved security controls and compliance with information security requirements.
  • Simplified management of permissions and user licensing.
  • Reduced administrative burden of managing users.

You can see that we’re excited about v7 (maybe we need to be assigned a permission for a new life!) and we hope that you will enjoy the benefits.

LogiqcQMS v7 includes some great new features but its strength, while a big change for system administrators, should be invisible and low-stress for users.

To make sure you are ahead of the curve and you’re on top of all the changes, check out our webinar series and register today.