Logiqc’s latest features & updates – March 2021

Every month, we make improvements to the LogiqcQMS platform and sometimes this might involve releasing a major new feature. But we also pay attention to the little things. The things that make your user experience better. That’s why we’re making enhancements every month aimed at reducing friction, so that nothing stands in your way of intuitively achieving your goals when you interact with LogiqcQMS. 

We’re excited to share a few new additions this month – including faster load times, version number display, a new filter option and a free user account for external auditors.  

Designed to reduce friction 

Smarter Floating Action Button (FAB)  

We’ve removed the number of clicks to add a new item to a register. When selecting the FAB from Dashboards or Tasks, you now see all of the registers that you have permission to add new items to. This means you no longer have to go to the register first before clicking ‘add’, and it’s optimised for mobile and tablet.   

Cost: Included as part of all subscriptions 

Faster loading times for exporting long lists 

Some of our clients have clocked up more than 100,000 items in the ‘All Tasks’ tab in the Tasks register. Wow – that’s a lot of actions being managed! Filtering and exporting such long lists take a few more seconds than working with shorter lists. Faster load times means less friction. So, we made some changes to our export compiling code to make your experience just that little bit better.  

Designed to enhance your document management system  

Version number display 

Each time a document is approved, the system-generated version number advances to the next whole number. This version number is now displayed on the register list view to make it easier for you to keep references to version numbers in your documents synced with the system version number. Simply select ‘Show all columns’ in the Document register to see the new column.     

Cost: Additional subscription  

Self-generated ID numbers  

You may have implemented LogiqcQMS, but you also want to maintain your own numbering system for documents, contracts and records. This new feature allows you to replace the system-generated ID numbers with your own numbering system.   

Cost: Additional subscription 

Some other new additions 

New filter option 

We’ve added a new column to the Reporting registers (Feedback, Improvement, Incidents and Repairs), so you can see who added the item. To see the column, select ‘Show all columns’.  

Cost: Included as part of all subscriptions 

An additional user account for external auditors – for free!  

Did you know that your LogiqcQMS includes a user licence that external auditors can use to conduct online/remote audits of your QMS? We know that auditing teams can sometimes involve two people, so we’ve provided an additional licence for you to use where needed.  

Cost: Included as part of all subscriptions 

LogiqcQMS customers can read more about our latest platform updates in the Knowledge Base. Not a customer yet but interested in seeing if LogiqcQMS is the right fit for your organisation? Let’s start a conversation.