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New Accreditation Module

The new updated Accreditation Module released on 15 February 2018 significantly increases the number of standards you can manage in your LOGIQC QMS.

The Accreditation Module is the latest major new feature to be added to the platform and the uptake so far has been fantastic with more than 80 health and related organisations implementing the module to date to support their accreditation and quality processes.

The Accreditation Module now accommodates the standards listed below. Click on the title to read more about how LOGIQC supports specific standards.

The Accreditation Module supports practices to conduct self-assessments, generate evidence reports, and create an action plan of improvement tasks with automatic email reminders.

LOGIQC QMS now comes with a free user licence specifically designed for auditors/assessors. This means that practices can choose to provide access for auditors/assessors to their system prior to the audit.

We also now offer additional services to support you to maintain accreditation and strengthen your quality management system. Support can be provided for:

  • Gap analysis report identifying gaps in evidence provided in your QMS to meet standards requirements and areas where evidence could be strengthened.
  • System build – for example, formatting and uploading documents and developing internal audit and compliance schedules.


To enquire about these services or the new Accreditation Module contact