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New feature: Contracts Tasks Tracker

An effective system for managing contracts and their requirements is central to building sustainable governance over the long term. Funding contracts, employment contracts, and supplier agreements all come with specific checks, deadlines, and tasks that need to be managed.

More than 75% of organisations using the LogiqcQMS have implemented the Contracts register in order to simplify those tasks. And if you are one of those organisations, our brand-new feature is bound to make your job, and your life, even easier!

Introducing the contracts task tracker

The new task tracker feature for the Contracts register allows you to quickly see all related compliance tasks, including training and licensing, in new tabs on the contract details page. No more navigating around the platform to check other registers, it’s all available to you in one single place.

Let’s say one of your funding contracts requires you to complete quarterly acquittal reports. The new compliance tab will display these tasks as well as their current status right from the contract details form.

Similarly, you will be able to see the status of scheduled training related to an employment contract in the new “training” tab.

New feature in the Contracts Register

Key benefits:

  • Easier monitoring of overdue compliance tasks relating to contracts.
  • Faster creation of related compliance, training and licensing tasks.
  • Strengthened contract management.
  • Automatically links most historical tasks to give you the full picture.

This new feature comes for free for every customer with a Contracts register subscription. So, if managing contracts is part of your job, dive in and let us know what you think!