Be ready for unannounced audits

Unannounced accreditation audits have been implemented for Aged Care Residential service providers as of July 2018.

This will apply to service providers that are due to apply for reaccreditation from 1 July 2018 and have an accreditation expiry date on or after 1 January 2019.

How can LOGIQC help?

LOGIQC’s Accreditation Module is designed to generate an evidence report at any time. With a single click, LOGIQC will generate a report for the external auditor detailing the current evidence in your LOGIQC QMS relevant to each standard. Just as importantly, you can generate an evidence report at any time to support internal clinical and corporate governance reviews.

By using LOGIQC as your quality management system, all relevant information will be in the system and you will be creating evidence against the standards as you go, with every policy you save, incident you report and complaint you handle.

Therefore, you are always ready for your unannounced re-accreditation visits.

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You can find more information on unannounced re-accreditation audits on the AACQA website.