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2021, A Year in review

2021 has been a challenging year with ongoing disruption for service providers and their communities. A big shout out to all those working in the health and community services sectors – the world needs more people like you!
The challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, while bringing attention to the efforts of front-line workers, continue to also place great demands on our people and digital infrastructure. Remote work and virtual service delivery are now presenting as the new normal which, despite some drawbacks, also presents some exciting new opportunities.

For Logiqc, 2021 has also been a big year as we continued to enhance the LogiqcQMS platform to respond to customer feedback and the wider needs of the health and community services sectors. Let’s look at some of the major improvements we implemented this year.

New features and releases

Expanding the LogiqcQMS universe

Listening to the needs of our clients from the medical and community services sectors, we have added 2 new registers designed for managing assets and equipment maintenance. The new Asset and Maintenance registers help our clients to manage, allocate, and maintain key assets such as medical and general equipment, vehicles, and properties/accommodation.

Data-driven decision making

Throughout the year, we released new dashboards for monitoring and analysing risk, safety and quality across your organisation, allowing users to quickly make informed strategic decisions.

Connecting the dots with smarter integrations

At Logiqc, we know that integration with other business applications is important to our users. This is an area of increasing focus for us. So now you have the option to choose Sharepoint file links or URL’s instead of documents when uploading files. Integration within the platform is also important which is why we connected the Audit and Improvement register to support the seamless creation of non-conformance reports and opportunities for improvement when completing audits.

Secure and centralised user identity management

To make user account and identity management simpler and more secure, Single Sign-on integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory was made available, including automatic user provisioning.

Programmable behaviours to match the software with your business

Being able to create workflows to control your processes doesn’t only save you precious time, it also adds a layer of safety and quality. By automating business processes, you reduce the risk of issues being miscoded and crucial notifications being missed. This year, we have added a number of features designed to help you to be more efficient.

  • Business Rules Builder: Available on all reporting registers (feedback, incidents, improvement, and repairs) this new feature is designed to simplify the reporting of adverse events by reducing the number of fields that need to be completed when reporting an event. Business Rules Builder gives you more control over how events are coded and ensures events are managed in accordance with your organisation’s policies and procedures.
  • Controlled actions: Ensure adverse events are managed in accordance with your organisation’s policy and procedures. Pre-programed action ‘sequences’ can be setup that enable managers to issue multiple pre-set tasks in response to managing an event.
  • Workflow builder and Task tracker for contract management. Now you can design your own contract review workflow and easily see the related compliance tasks that have been scheduled.

On-demand learning, anytime, anywhere

Implementing enterprise-wide technology systems requires everyone, at every level, to understand how to use the system but constantly training new and existing staff members with various roles and skills can be challenging. To meet these challenges, in July we launched the LogiqcQMS Academy. We’ve already added more than 15 courses, each with a series of video-based learning sessions, and will keep adding more next year!

We celebrated our customers’ success and the work they do to embed quality into organisational culture

We welcomed 1,187 new users to the LogiqcQMS family, bringing our total users to more than 11,000 across Australia and New Zealand.

With new support tools, training, and ongoing support, we helped more customers to think differently about how they manage quality, safety and risk:

  • AHCWA (Aboriginal Health Council of Western Australia) is the peak body for 23 Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services located throughout metropolitan, regional, rural and remote Western Australia. In 2021, AHCWA upgraded to LogiqcQMS v6 and started work to leverage dashboards to better embed the platform and engage users.
  • Auckland City Surgical Services (ACSS) is a day-stay facility, offering a range of surgical services and post-operative care, including general gynaecology, skin cancer, plastic and cosmetic surgery, and fertility. Bonnie Buchan, who looks after infection control and health and safety at ACSS, told us how the LogiqcQMS platform helps to support time-poor teams.

Looking ahead to 2022, we will keep working on a range of new features to make LogiqcQMS even simpler and faster to use with a focus on reporting and accreditation management.

A heartfelt thanks to all our customers for your ongoing support this year. Your success is our success, and we look forward to working with you in 2022 and beyond. We wish you and your families a safe and well-deserved end-of-year break.