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Logiqc’s latest features & updates – July 2021

Amid launching our new Assets & Maintenance Registers earlier this month, we’ve recently added some new features to make your experience better. If you haven’t already discovered these updates for yourself, here’s a quick round-up. 

Designed to help you do more 

Victorian Child Safe Standards 

We have updated the Accreditation register to accommodate the Victorian Child Safe Standards, so you can now build, track and report on your compliance with these standards. 

Cost: Additional subscription of $30/month 

Integrated asset management 

Our new Assets & Maintenance registers enable you to significantly boost your ROI from LogiqcQMS, by integrating asset management and maintenance with your existing registers such as the Repairs, Incidents, Contracts, Suppliers and Documents registers. Provided as a bundle, these two registers work together to maximise asset lifecycle value, minimise risk, and improve safety by helping you to create a centralised register of assets and a schedule of planned maintenance tasks.  

Cost: Additional subscription of $150/month 

Designed to make things easier 

Pre-set contract workflow stage instructions 

Pre-program instructions for each user as contracts move through their workflow stages. This gives you greater control over the contract management process and saves time when contracts come up for review.  

Cost: Included as part of all new subscriptions and available for purchase as an upgrade 

Designed to help you see more 

Action history field in manage registers export 

Now the Excel export from the Manage registers (Audit, Compliance, Training and Licensing) includes all comments and task instructions associated with users completing set actions. This means that the export can now be used as a report showing the complete history of the event.  

Cost: Included as part of all subscriptions 

Interested in learning more about these features and more? Get in touch to arrange an online demonstration. LogiqcQMS customers can also read more about our latest platform updates in the Knowledge Base