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March Latest Features and Release

This March, we’ve focused on making information more easily accessible across our different registers. Keep reading to discover our latest features, already available to all users.

Sub-items fields for accreditation register

We’ve added sub-items to the main tab in the Accreditation register. So now you can visualise the entire structure of the standard on a single page. 

Greater visibility of related improvements in the Audit register

If you are using both the Audit and the Improvement registers then you know that users can already record their audit findings in the Action stage in the Audit register as either improvement opportunities or non-conformances. And these are then automatically added as related items in the Improvement register.

We have now added the same functionality to the Close stage of the Audit register. This makes it easy to see the recommended actions arising from the audit and it allows additional actions to be added when closing the audit – all from one page!     

New data for better analytics

If you use the Controlled actions feature to help manage incidents, feedback, improvements, or repairs, you might know that details about each action relating to the event is displayed on a separate tab in the export called ‘Controlled actions’. We’ve now added the event date eg ‘Date of incident’ to that tab which means you can create reports calculating the number of days from the event that the action was completed.      

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