Optimise processes for handling customer feedback and complaints with Logiqc’s new Feedback Integration API

Collecting valuable, high-quality feedback is critical for fostering a thriving organisation with a strong reporting culture. It not only enables compliance with regulatory requirements, such as accreditation standards but also serves as a powerful means to truly comprehend the consumer’s experience.

Over time, feedback can help identify patterns and trends, furnishing valuable insights to pinpoint areas where improvements can have a meaningful impact.

Logiqc’s Feedback Register

Logiqc’s Feedback Register is a powerful tool that allows you to seamlessly handle feedback by automating email notifications when feedback is reported, delegating action items with ease, and notifying external agencies when needed.

But that’s not all – it can also help you take your reporting culture to the next level by keeping comprehensive records and generating insightful reports on how feedback has been managed. 

And with powerful built-in analytics, you can track your organisation’s risk exposure by monitoring adverse events, such as complaints. 

But how can you seamlessly transfer the feedback from your online form to your Quality Management System (QMS) without going through a regular import process? And how can you ensure that feedback is entered promptly to enable timely and effective action? 

Introducing Logiqc’s Feedback integration

Logiqc’s Feedback integration for client feedback, complaints and queries is a seamless solution that enables you to integrate your website with LogiqcQMS. This allows you to receive feedback, complaints and queries, such as FOI requests, from consumers and stakeholders through a form on your website, directly feeding into LogiqcQMS Feedback register.

Key features:

  • Seamless Integration
    Use our API to connect the form built by your IT team on your website with LogiqcQMS and pass on key fields, including Name, Phone, Email, Feedback type, Feedback source, and Feedback details.
  • Automatic Creation:
    Experience the convenience of automatic creation of items in the Feedback register when external parties submit a form via your website.
  • Streamlined Workflow:
    Feedback/queries received from your website are created as draft items in the LogiqcQMS Feedback register, and relevant staff are promptly notified to complete the form and progress the item through the Logiqc workflow.

Contact us to learn more about the Feedback register and how to set up the integration. Our team is ready to answer any questions you may have and help you optimise your feedback management process. Get in touch with us today!