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Primary and Community Healthcare Standards Accreditation: How LogiqcQMS Can Help

The LogiqcQMS Accreditation Register has now been extended to generate the evidence report for the Primary and Community Healthcare Standards published by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care. 

Since May 1, 2023, Australian healthcare services have had the opportunity to be assessed against these standards by an approved accrediting agency so many of our clients will benefit from this extension of the platform.

Ensuring the implementation of the Primary and Community Healthcare Standards holds paramount importance for all primary and community healthcare services in Australia directly engaged in client care. 

The standards have been developed through extensive consultations involving consumers, healthcare providers, community services, Primary Health Networks, and other key representatives within the sector. They are designed to enhance safety and quality, and achieving accreditation assures the community that a healthcare service meets the highest expectations, instilling greater confidence and trust. 

The development of the standards is an important milestone in the recognition of the valuable contribution and uniqueness of primary health and community service organisations. 

We understand the significance of our clients’ pursuit of quality and accreditation, and that’s why our aim is to make the process of preparing for accreditation as seamless as possible, helping them generate the evidence reports quickly and effectively.

This extension of the Accreditation register marks yet another step forward in our commitment to empowering healthcare providers, enabling organisations to prepare for external accreditation reviews efficiently as possible. Get in touch if you would like to learn more about how our platform can help you and your team today!